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Monday, September 26, 2011

Rant: Comparison

This is more of a rage thing.  There's this place called Newport Sea Base.  They teach Merit Badges.  The counselors don't know how to do what they teach.  They eat and listen to music.  They ride in motorboats.  They swear and throw tennis balls at you while you canoe.  They just kinda stink.  Anyways,  I decided to do a compare and contrast with Emerald Bay.  The counselors are really mean.  :'(

I just heard.  This kid went to take a merit badge.  A requirement was to watch a movie.  They watched Finding Nemo.  ARE YOU KIDDING??? AT EMERALD BAY THEY WATCHED A HOUR LONG DOCUMENTARY OF THE OCEAN.  AT NSB THEY WATCHED FINDING NEMO,  PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN,  AND CARTOONS!!!!!!!!
I mean, is that a joke?

                                               Emerald Bay     Newport Sea Base

Participate with the students     Yes                           No
Nice                                          Yes                          No
Know what they teach              Yes                          No
Have been diving                      Yes                         No
Know how to swim                  Yes                         Probably not (lol)
Throw you into the ocean for fun   No                      Yes
Swear                                       No                           Yes
Actually teach                           Yes                          No
Costs 100 per class                   Yes                          Yes

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  1. This past summer, I went to Half Moon Bay Junior Lifeguards (it was awesome):

    HMB JGs
    Participate with students ------ Yes
    Nice --------------------------- Yes
    Know what they teach ----------- Yes
    Have been diving --------------- Probably
    Know how to swim --- As LIFEGUARDS, I certainly hope so
    Throw you in the ocean for fun - Yes!
    Swear -------------------------- No
    Actually teach ----------------- Yes
    Costs (IDK how much for 4 weeks) Yes
    Organize fun games (as opposed to only preparing for competitions against other divisions like SC JGs do) ------ Yes

    Get talked about in the paper -- YES!