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Saturday, January 28, 2012

My day.

My day sucked and rocked at the same time.  I was really sick in the morning.  I felt better later, and ate a waffle at about 10.  My mom made this really massive awesome salad with mushrooms and peppers and lettuce and cucumbers and salmon and pork and fish sauce and cheese and croutons and goblins and thestrals a fleet of dementors and all my death eaters!!!! Once again a AVPM reference. :D

In the afternoon, I laid around in the study. A large upstair room with a breeze and lotsa sunlight!! :-).  I napped and read a few books for around 5 hours.  fun eh? Gotta go now.


internet memes - Misteps of Misfortune
Dude, you probably heard of the Costa Concordia.  The captian left his ship, then went out to eat with some random dude.

Tailgaters gonna... gate.
epic win photos - Take That Tailgaters WIN

Personal Fitness MB

I'm going for the Personal Fitness Badge. It's eagle required.  Pretty easy badge as far as homework. Just I have to measure my exercise for 12 weeks.
wk 1-  Typing- 18 hours
wk 2-  Typing- 17 hours
wk 3-  Chewing 3 hours.  :P

 I'll say more later. :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Scouts: Bridging

This dude's brother joined my patrol, the DOC. I was running late, and a basically swallowed my dinner.  Then.  My.  Mom. Picked.  Up. Her. Fork. And.  Started. Eating.  Even.  Though.  I .  Had.  Eaten.  In.  Such.  A .  Hurry. 

Yea.  Then, I realized that I had lost my neckerchief last week. :P

Anyways, Little Dude was there.  He impressed me.  At least he didn't flip out like he usually did.  I think I've figured it out.  He hates his brother.   He'll do anything to annoy him.  So, when his bro isn't around,  he's not as crazy.  I'm not sure how to use this info yet though.  :-)

That's all fer now.

Flitwick's little brotha

So, you guys ever heard the one about Sirius Black and Flitwick’s little brother?
So, Flitwick’s little brother is walking down the streets of London, and Sirius Black, he’s in this storm drain dressed as a clown. And he’s like “yo, hey, Flitwick’s little brother, down here, in this storm drain it’s me, a clown” and flitwick’s little brother’s like “yeah chap what you want” and Sirius black is like “ooh, flitwick’s little brother you’ve got to get down this storm drain with me cause you’re. missing. Out. We’ve got a carnival down here. We got loads of cotton candy and balloons” and the kid practically flipped he goes “o I got to get down there” and ?he stands up like alright let’s go to that carnival? so he reaches down his arm right, but Sirius black he grows his mad teeth, and HE BITES THE KID’S HEAD OFF. And two days later, that kid died.

Lol from AVPM The sequel actually.

I used this story in Mafia. It was really funny

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


funny graphs - Unless You're the 'Arrrrrr' Type of Pirate

P.S Anyone think I should change anything on my new template? (IE Larger text) or something like that?


theres this other blog which I'm following, and I've been like commenting on every post for the past few weeks ever since it started and nobody there follows me back its sooo annoying they only follow themselves rar.

:P  I'm starting a science project too.

:D  -Horayy for the internets

Monday, January 23, 2012

Rant: guns

I'm going to an NRA (National Rifle Association) orientation for safety today.  Cool huh?  Mandatory for the next shotgun-shooting campout. 

Which kindof brings up an interesting topic.  Do guns make people violent?  My old Sunday School teacher touched on that before.  Guns aren't alive.  So they aren't evil.  They can be used for protection, hunting, for hobbies, anything.  Baseball bats are used in some gang fights.  Does that make baseball evil?  NO IT DOESN'T. :P

Nonetheless, people seem to think guns are dangerous.  True. Guns have lots of potential to hurt.  But, then again, careless-ness hurts.  Guns are extremely dangerous unless you take precautions.  That's the point of the NRA orientation.  (duh)

Another question people think is: Don't guns make you want to be violent and shoot things? Urban Taggers has a good response to that.  (this isn't mine)
Don't you think nerf guns glorifies guns/war/killing?
It depends in who's hands. Not in ours. There are those who really enjoy the thrill of shooting and simulating wars and kills. In our hands, they're more about the fact they're amazing TOYS that shoot projectiles. We don't look to hurt or harm anyone, we don't even look to pretend to kill anyone. Throwing a stone at someone is a whole lot more malicious and painful than these toy blasters could ever be as far as we're concerned. We specifically chose the term "Taggers" for this very reason; it's not going for the kill,
(or even the hit) it's going for the tag.

::Pocket here. My Dad was a former soldier and in turn became so anti war and killing that I have never looked to glorify war or killing in any shape or form. "Why would you want to even pretend to kill your friends" was what he said to me growing up, and so do understand there is nothing exciting or satisfying for me about hurting someone else. When I showed my Dad my Stampede ECS the day I received it, he looked at it and laughed, but had no ill feelings towards why I had it or my motivations or intentions with it. I'm not a violent person; I learned that from him.

 Good story eh?
 To a certain extent, other dangerous sports are the same.  I have no ill feelings that would make me want to shoot guns.  Also, handling real guns make you more careful and serious with their destructive power.  Now, when I watch star wars, sometimes I wince when a clone or soldier dies.  I definitely wouldn't want to shoot at ANYONE.  No one.  EVER. 

Funny how people think "OOOH nerf guns and (maybe real guns) are violent and promote killing" 

I mean, parents buy their kids games where you run around and kill people.  They're blood and explosions.  Killing people isn't serious according to Modern Warfare.  They're rated M for a reason.  Younger people don't understand and can possibly misunderstand what they see.  Yet, parents buy violent games and movies, but panic if they see a foam dart gun. 

That was a nice long rant... :-)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


internet memes - It's a WHAT!?
Wikipedia has gone dark to draw attention.  Visit the page thing.
This article explains SOPA more clearly.  See what you can do.  :(

My understanding of this is that anything, and I mean videos, blog posts, pictures, having the brand name "Starwars" or "Harry Potter" or Narnia or "Lord of the Rings" can be censored if you don't have a license or something.

internet memes - SOPA rage

Monday, January 16, 2012

"If you fall, I'll be there."



internet memes - So that's what its for!

Mafia (card game)
Yesterday, we had this thing called Small Group.  People from our church meet at different houses for a Bible Study.  At least the parents do.  The kids go up to our large room upstairs and hang out .  We had some new kids yesterday.So.  We tried out this new game.

We now have about 10 kids. :D Usually we hang out and: Watch movies, slug each other with pillows, slug each other with pillows, slug each other with pillows, get slugged by pillows, and play nerf. Anyways, more people meant more FUN :DD.

This Game is called Mafia.  Uber fun.  I'd say 8+ y/o.  The players need to be able to sit still, or accept death.  :P

This tutorial is made from a few different sites. Google it to look up more.

This link is the best tutorial

This vid is also handy

Basically, there are the
  • Narrator
  • Civilians Regular card
  • Mafia (Bad guy, win by killing off/outnumbering villagers) Ace Cards
  • Sheriff   (can check people to see if they're mafias) King card
  • Doctor (can elect someone to save in the night) Queen Cards
So.  The narrator deals out 1 card per person.

(If there are 10 people, he needs 9 cards because he is not In the game, he is narrating. Same with 9people, 8 cards so on so forth.)

3 things happen at night""

Ace is mafia At night, the Narrator tells the Mafia to open their eyes and acknowledge their fellow members. They kill off one of the other players by silently gesturing to indicate their target.  Then the Narrator instructs the mafia members to "sleep" (close their eyes again).

The king is Sheriff. After the mafia go to sleep, the narrator will say "Sheriff wake up", Pick someone to accuse, the Detective will open his or her eyes and point at a suspect; if that player is mafia-sided, the narrator nods. If the person is a towns person, the narrator shakes his head "no"  Then says.  "Sheriff go to sleep"

The queen is Medic  Then the Narrator instructs the Doctor to open his or her eyes; he or she points at someone to save, then goes back to sleep.

The Narrator tells everyone to wake up. Unless the doctor and the mafia selected the same target a murder is announced, sometimes with a little narrative detail. (For example, This guy was driving down the road, and a guy blew up his car with a RPG.  Bill you're dead")   This player is "dead" and may no longer participate in the game in any way.  He can't show his card or say anything else involving the game.

During the daytime phase, the players deliberate over which suspected Mafia member they wish to accuse of being mafia. Once nominations are made, the person gives a defense.  The narrator then administers an election between the nominees, in which all players vote - If the majority thinks the accused is a mafia, they make gun noises and that player is killed for being suspected mafia. "dead," and may no longer participate in the game in any way.

Because players have less information and more freedom to deliberate during the day, the day phase tends to be longer than the night phase. The day phase continues until the towns pple kill a suspected mafia. If the doctor saves the person who the mafia tries to kill, The narrator can't reveal who the attempted murder was on.

You can say whatever you want.  You can tell everyone you're the sheriff in order to kill a known mafia, or say you're the doctor to keep the TP (townspeople) from killing you. 

If all Mafia members are killed, then the Townspeople win the game. If the villagers are outnumbered by the Mafia during the day, then the Mafia win.

This link is the best tutorial

This vid is also handy

Example game after the break.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I felt better today.  I went sledding with Wubz this morning.  We got soaked, but we blew our gear through the dryer, and Problem Solved! :D  We did more blue squares and I didn't faceplant.  YAAAY

I got a finger cramp and so I couldn't do spock signs.  :(
The lifts took almost a third of the entire time and Wubz is starting to go pretty fast now.

There isn't much to say, which is kinda weird cause I spent all day skiing, but it's more action. :-)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Skiing in Utah

Sup.  :-D I'm in Utah right now. The first day sucked.  :(  I had stomachaches and cramps all day. :-(  It got better. Sledding and Skiing.  We had a Ice-digging contest.  Who could break out the largest slab of ice.    Meanwhile, we went down some blue squares.  I'm still not that good though.  :D

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Remember that annoying dude from the other campout? (three pages)  (Not to be confused with That Dude who is really awesome and has an awesome blog) :D
the annoying person also brought 1-use (disposable) toothbrushes.

Well, he's joining my patrol.  His bro is in another patrol, but they hate each other and want to be seperate. 

Sooner or later, I knew, Little Dude would graduate from cub scouts and join my troop.   Big Dude is already in another patrol, and so I didn't worry Little Dude would be in my patrol.  However, Big Dude and Little Dude don't get along very well, and they requested to be in separate patrols.  Now, usually, bros go in the same patrol.  Easier management and less paperwork.  However, they already convinced their parents to get them in different patrols.  I heard about this a while earlier, and I secretly wished that he wouldn't go in my patrol.  Unfortunately, Morphy's Law says otherwise.  Turns out, Little Dude knows Random Person, who is in my patrol.  Funny how the Troop Council goes out of their way to put two acquaintances together right after they put two brothers apart. 

Reasons why I don't like the Two Dudes.  (Same as before just summed up)
First; This reason has nothing to do with them,  but it's just inconvenient.  You see, the DOC (my patrol) were founded by a band of brothers.  No pun intended.  Anyways, they joined at the same time, and so.  The became EAGLES and left the troop at the same time, leaving 2 well trained members left.  When Wubz and I joined, That gave the DOC 4 senior members.  Bummer.  1 of them moved to Arizona.  That leaves 3 good members.  THEN suddenly, the troop committee realizes "Hey the DOC needs new members".  And they began stacking newbs into my patrol.  1/5 newbs are noobs.  We now have 3 Senoir members , 1 smart but inexperienced member, and then about 7 crazy noobie hyper-actvie little midgets. 

At the last campout, Big Dude and Little Dude dumped garbage onto landmarks
and other people, made extremely inappropriate jokes about chickens and stuff that I shouldn't mention.  They both dislike each other and will go out of their way to annoy each other, putting two patrols at real annoyance. They both can't stand work or anything but eating and asking "Is my food ready".   They have slight attention problems/ respect problems.  (Little Dude stuck his tongue out at our troop president) Tons of stuff not to like. :-( Sometimes, I get so annoyed that I want to say
internet memes - That's Just Mean

We obviously need to try and train more people to be senoir members, but that's pretty tough if they're running around at Mach 2 trying to tie people up and making inappropriate jokes.

Meanwhile, the two brothers, Bid Dude and Little Dude are stuck with each other whether they like it or not.  Neither of them is old enough to be awesome and independent, and so their dad babysits them both. Their dad carries their gear and provisions, which could lead to potential supply disputes between the brothers and their own patrols.  Their parents will need to look over two patrols at once, which will cause the DOC and the NJ to end up sharing food, dishes, and supplies that the Dudes bring.  They are bound together, and they can't leave each other simply by switching patrols.

So yea...

Friday, January 6, 2012

Trick: CSS tools

 If there are other unread posts below this, read the others first. has a ton of handy stuff for your blog.  The cool stuff is under "snippets" .

awesome Harry potter remix vid. Watch.
Ahem, watch. Nm you watch it later.

Click read more

Do not click on this post

Here is an example of a trap.



Shoulda seen that coming

Snow-Clearing Failure Gif - Snow-Clearing Failure

Snow Fail Gif - Snow Fail


I'm going skiing. Yep. I know I should have gotten the snow earlier, but I just was uber busy. Ok. Not really. I'll post some pics later.  :-)

Civil Disobedience Dog Resists Walk in the Snow GIF - Civil Disobedience Dog Resists Walk in the Snow
Civil disobedience FTW

Flame Throwing Snowman GIF - Flame Throwing Snowman
Troll Snowman GIF - Troll snowman

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

YESSs newest Potter Puppet Pal Yule Ball

This one covers harry's life at Hogwartz
Badwords. Not too many though. Less than AVPM



Watch maybe 1 each day or so :-)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Probably the most annoying thing ever

 This isn't really a complaint, just something that destroys me from the inside out. :P

Last week, I was at my grandma's house, and she busted out some of my favorite foods!!! 

For those of you who don't know, a stroop waffle is a butter-honey-caramel-chocolate cracked about the size of a small plate.

Anyways, I was torn apart by which one do i pickkkkkk??????? WHICH ONE DO I PICK which one do I pick ¿ʞɔıd I op ǝuo ɥɔıɥʍ I don't know which one I'm gonna pick AWWW I THINK I'M JUST GOING TO PICK THE LEFT ONE ( watch the video) :D

But still.  I mean.  It's great that people get foods that I like.  OOOH Once at summer camp, I was faced with the choice of Frosted Flakes or Lucky Charms
and I ended up having two bowls, but still....

Okay.  Did anyone get what I just said?  I'm not sure I got it. 
Sorry bout that.  This afternoon, we went hiking and I ate 2 apples. :D
Apples are the best fruit  ʇınɹɟ ɹǝɥʇo uɐɥʇ ɹǝʇʇǝq  NM

But I mean, aren't choices tough?  One click of a mouse or one word can change EVERYTHING.  Everything we do obviously affects us, but some things are HUGE.  I was at the playground, and for some reason I decided to walk around the perimeter.  I've never done that before, but as I did, I spotted a little lego mandalorian guy just sitting in the sand, and it was funny, cause I kinda just felt it. 

K this was uber random. 

Think twice about what you do. :-)

Harry Potter win/fail

4koma comic strip - Perhaps That Will Encourage You 

Poor guy.

epic win photos - Hacked IRL Anti-Sign WIN
If you say so...
demotivational posters - SEEMS LEGIT

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Moutain Biking

Yesterday morning me and my bro, mom, and dad went mountain biking
Easy trail
  Just kidding.  Kind of.  I mean, going sideways isn't too bad, but going backwards really sucks.
You know how when you're taking a easy bike ride, and you only need one brake?  If you tried using only one brake while mountain biking, I'd see if I could visit you in your hospital room.  Really.  I even needed to use both brakes when WALKING my bike down a cliff- Ahem*   Hill..   Some places it was smooth and you could go 70mph downhill.  Other places, it was UBER steep and rocky, and I even had to walk my bike downhill and Uphill
I almost went off a cliff, but skidded to a halt, then started sliding sideways.  Anyways, overall, it was fun, but
if people say "easy trail" it's probably easy compared to Mt. Everest, but it's challenging and fun. :)

We went by a reservoir and up and down some hills with great views. 10 mile bike.