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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Canvas Rider

What is canvas rider?  It's a simple biking game.  2d bmx biking.  You drive on people's tracks.  If you get an account, you can draw and upload tracks for other people to drive on.

Canvas Rider is an addictive game where you ride a bike on tracks drawn by other players. It's entirely written in JavaScript & HTML5, using the most of the new <canvas> element. Controls are simple: press UP to pedal, DOWN to brake, LEFT & RIGHT to balance, Z to turn around.
If you crash, you can always press ENTER to restart or BACKSPACE to cancel checkpoint(s).
There are hundreds of new tracks submitted daily, so be sure to check the subcategories for the very best ones!

REALLY fun.  I'm JROVEN cuz jro was too short :'(

I made 1. This is my page.  I've only made one so far. 

Tarpals is there as Darthmarr

THis is my map.  You break into a underground labratory while evading missles and bullets and lava poolz. :)  Check it out! :D

Sunday, November 27, 2011


 - Jumping Dog Fail 
Don't you feel like that sometimes?  


Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay  I played in a piano competition a few weeks ago, and I got the results today.  First.  Place.  :))))))

Soooooooooooo haapyy :DDDDD :D:DDDDD  ;DDDD;DDDD   :))))
DD:DD;DDDD  :)))) :D)

Sunday, November 20, 2011


 I like the bottom one better.  Wierd lyrics, but good tune and general song. AND HARRY POTTER vid too.  :) P.S these are two different versions of the song

How to check if you're a wizard

YAAAY I had a piano competition and I did supa well.  :)

IRL Troll - More Concrete Than a Visit From Hagrid

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hilarious fail-ness thing at the campout

You know how backpacking food
has little moisture absorbing packets?


And ramen noodles have those flavoring packets. 

So.  this "bill" dude who I don't like from Anza Borrego got the flavoring confused with the poisonous silicone packets and almost poured the poisonous silicone into his meal.  WAITTTT" Wubz yelled.  He hesitated as he was about to open it.  "wat" he said.

"Don't eat that."
"Why not?"

"It says do not eat, but pour into food.  Here.  I'll smell it to make sure it's not poisonous."

Rather than reading the bag, he just attempted to open the bag and pour it in.  He was so persistent that I had to throw the poisonous silicone away otherwise he would eat it.  BTW inhaling the stuff would kill you all the same.  D:

Kinda funny but it he ate it, the campout would probably end the second that stuff got to his stomach.  :P

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My coin collection

I collect state quarters another general 
 coins.  Here's a few. 
Special pennies

$1 coins.  

Regular one

A special half-dollar

Notice John Muir :)

Dude John Muir rocked.  That's Yosemite there.
Hmmmmm... State quarter?

4koma comic strip - Guess Who's at the Door

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Anza Borrego wind cave Pics!!

YAYY IT ROCKED.  But dude.  The "dude"s were really annoying. WARNING: Lotsa pics.  Really cool too.   That's our cave up there.  The dude""  brought 30 RAMEN NOODLE packets.  We ate them for breakfast and dinner.  The first day, we visited slot canyons.  They're almost invisible from above.  When you drive up next to them, you suddenly see miles and miles of canyons.  
Slot canyons
Then, we took the one mile hike up to the caves.
These are some pics of the caves.

The hike up went well.  Only.  One newb(a awesome guy but new)  Brought a ROLLING DUFFEL BAG LOLOL
Meanwhile, the food kinda stank.  We had ramen noodles for dinner.  We used backpacking stoves. You see, we used them to boil water and then pour it in dehydrated food.

We slept well.  It was warm and a clear night.


More after break :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011


On the way back...

Anyways, on the way back, we divided the food evenly.  We stopped at Julian's Pies.  Anyways, we were bored and hungry.  I had some  in my pack.  My dad had some pita   Evan, sitting in the back, had some  We put it all together to make PB AND J PITA YAAAY We were all like

Friday, November 11, 2011

Backpacking today!

:D Yayy I'm going backpacking today.  I would take pics of my gear, but Amaranthine's camera is charging.

Monday, November 7, 2011


A few weeks ago, I said I was going to Anza Borrego. The wind caves.  Anyways, today, at my scout meeting, we planned "Grubmaster", which is the dude in charge of bringing food.  Anyways,  At the last minute,  the large burden was switched off to this dude. "Joe" for now.

Now, first, backpacking is tough.  No eggs.  Period.  You kidding me?  Fruit, premade anything,  stew, long cooking,  all un-legit.  Backpacking usually involves a dehydrated "powdered" menu. 

So, I would not hand it off to a newb. This is "Joe's" FIRST campout,  not just his first backpacking trip.  I came up with a document of what to do. IE.  Email him, call him blah blah blah...

This dude WADR isn't the brightest hammer in the garage.  He's cracked his dad's windshield "because he was being really annoying".  He sleeps at church.  (1 out of 7 times) He called his brother a bunch of nasty stuff.  He has no hoot about who's going, what's going, what he needs, or anything.  I''ve produced 5 scenarios below.

1:  He brings light food for enough people and saves some money.    Good, light food,

2: He doesn't bring enough dehydrated food. 

3:  He brings cheesecake, steak, cereal and milk, pancakes and stew.  (We'll have to lug it up the mountain)

4: He brings eggs and a small amount of food for himself/

5: He completely forgets and the once-proud DOC starves and fails. :'((((

Remember he isn't usually in my patrol.  Oh well. Wish me luck. BTW I saw Abby from CQC today. Epicness. 


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blocktober: Fun stuff


Blocktober is a HUGE Halloween carnival that my church has.  The church has over 20 different multi-level buildings. :D  Over 500 people were there.  Anyways, Atina and I go to the same church,  and I had decided to bring a h20 uzi. :D So anyways, after about half an hour of Trick-o-treating, Atina spotted me.  Anyways, I pulled an uzi on her.  Just a joke kinda thing, and I was all hehehe....  Anyways, she told me she had a NERF blaster in her car, and implied she was gonna use it on me.  Anyways, I like saying anyways. :D

So then I filled up my water gun and started sweeping the huge campus for Atina and Sar. (Sar is another dude who was following Atina around)  Anyways, I spotted them and skillfully maneuvered up behind them.  I was half expecting them to turn, and see me, as the last two encounters had been on her terms.  So,  I climbed out from behind the planter, and slowly walked up behind her.  CLoser,  Closer... NOW BLAM BRKAAMM BLAMM!!!!! :DDDD I put 5 neutrino charges into her back.  Unfortunately I had overlooked that fact that her armor was made of duct tape,  and my shots were as effective as trying to kill a bear with a feather.   :D  However,  SHE DIDN"T NOTICE.  I was like "Oh crap" when I noticed, and I quickly ran off.  I walked up again and continued putting rounds into her duct-tape armor.  Then, on my third hit,  her dad went  "uh-oh" as I squeezed of my 3rd shot.  Remember, I had no intention of getting anybody soaked.  1 shot maybe,  but I was looking for a good laugh.  2 shots landed on her un-taped arm and I was like "Wasup. :)"

I heard her armor was supposed to be Mandalorian.   Blocktober was uber fun.  Candy. Games.  All the good stuff.  Next year, I'm thinking of planning a event- wide assasination game for Wubz, Amaranthine, Atina,  and her pals.  Maybe Cov.  I will totally post that next-ish year. :)


Funny little kid

File:Archimedean spiral.svg

My local library has a large spiral painted on the ground outside the entrance.  I was waiting outside, and I noticed this five-year old on a scooter.  He started on the outside of the spiral,  and started scoot-ing clockwise. Anyways,  when he reached the center, his front wheel made a right angle with his back wheel and SPLAT. He didn't fall too hard, and he said he was okay. However, He got back up and tried again, unaware that physics would not allow him to finish that spiral.  So, after his 3rd try,  he gave up, and scooted off. :D

Best Halloween prank ever!! :D

These guys dressed up a dummy,  and would put him in front of the door and ring  the doorbell. 

Warning: Mildly scary dummy