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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Hunger Games Tributes

The song is called "We Can Make the World Stop". Total instrumental, so don't bother waiting for the lyrics to start. :P  Good video. Listen to the whole song. It gets better at the end. I heard this song at LazerQuest. :D

The Hunger Games is/are awesome.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Upcoming Campout!!! The Falcon Campout

This weekend, I'm going camping to the Falcon Campsite.  It was supposed to be two weeks ago, but a snowstorm decided not. :P THis is a prep for Camporee, which is a regional competition for scout stuff in general.  My patrol totally pwned our prep at the meeting.  There's this new Falcon patrol in the troop.  DUDE THEY'RE SUPER HYPUR ACTIV AND NOOBIE. In one meeting, they broke out fighting and kicking each other EIGHTEEN TIMES. THis other annoying dude keeps rummaging through other patrols' gear and helping himself to equipment.
  I decided to build a sugarcane and rope fence around my patrol's campsite to keep out anyone looking for "extra stuff".  Their patrol leaders don't do much of a job controlling them either. :-(.  I'm going to tell my patrol members to bring gloves to the campout. A post about it later. :-)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Aviation MB Museum Tour

I went and visited a WWII Aircraft museum today.  Pretty cool.  THe whole thing took about 4 hours, and we were walking around the whole time.We started getting tired though, and most of us were dying by the time we got to the fifth hangar. :P  We viewed a bunch of fighters and bombers and other cool planes. On the way there, I was forced to ride with Big Dude, and listen to his monologue about what he likes to draw, eat, and throw.  Then, on the way back, I was forced to listen to Little Dude's non-observations.  For example:
Him: A cow!  :DDDD
Me: A farm. -.-
Him: Orange flowers! :DDDD
Me: A planter. -.-
Yea. Still fun though. :-) G2gs now bye!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I use these during nerf all the time

Debate Class

Is anyone taking it? I like debate, but I never really considered it important.  Well, until yesterday.  Remember I'm a Patrol Leader?  You see, my troop has Patrol Leader Councils every month or so.  We make decisions and vote on what happens to the troop.  Now, even farther back.
There's alot of flashback in this, so brown stands for past events, and this is present.

 My SPL is in the Panda Patrol. Have I mentioned them yet? Honestly, their patrol is my least favorite patrol.  They swear and make inappropriate jokes.  All the time.  THere was this on campout where they swore so much in front of new scouts, (and no one reported them) (and I wasn't there) (and parents  started calling after the campout) that 1 of the patrol members was "demoted" a rank.  Well, he didn't pass his Board of Review.  Also, the people in the patrol are about the same (except for this one really awesome dude).  They "encourage" and permit bad behavior in their own patrol.  Bad quality control is a problem for them as well. They once used a sheath knife to stir their dinner. 

Ok. Back to the future present.  Our SPL is very unhappy with his patrol.  He isn't that much like them, but he doesn't try to stop them.  Hmmm.  Anyways, (this is my opinion), at the last PLC,  he suggested that the Pandas be disbanded.  This idea was quickly shot down by one of the adults (without a vote). This made him start thinking of some new ideas to get himself a new patrol. 

There's a camp called NYLT.  National Youth Leadership Training. Each attendant gets a COMPLETELY new patrol to work with. 

Mr SPL decided that he could use that to get a new Patrol System. At the council, he decided that we were going to scramble patrols every year.  We still needed to vote on it though.  Here's the points of the debate.

Pros (for mixing patrols)
-New experience
-New scouts get new patrols
-Duty Rosters and PLC will enforce the mix
-People will learn to work with enemies.

Cons (mostly mine. :D)
-confusion over patrols
-most people know the entire troop.
-Broken patrol relations
-people will feel attached to their first patrol
-Less equipment care.
-some people have problems no matter who they work with.
- there'll be a constant struggle to train patrol
-no patrol pride
-like switching names. :-(

Anyways, it was a really close vote.  A lot of people were on the fence about it.  It was a really intense discussion, partly because there was a potential big change, and partly because I was shooting down reasons faster than he could put them up.  In the end, we voted not to split the patrols on a 8 to 5 margin.  (Did I use that right)  It was still way too close for me.  Ohz Wells.  SPL said he would bring it up again later(even though we already voted it down) (I bet he's just reloading).

Is there an organization that's important to you? A club or afterschool meeting?  If it really matters to you, you should matter to it.  :D  It's good to have influence on events that will effect you.  In my opinion, that vote was way too important to leave to the rest of the PLC.  :-)  Although your club might not be "boy lead",  it's good to have a grip on the future. 

All's well that ends well.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hi everybody

Arrgg.  My next campout got postponed because of hail.  In California. My troop just upgraded it's gear! :D  We have new supply boxes and tents!  I have a substancial patrol now.  During a Patrol Leader Council meeting, an adult asked if any patrol leaders could say their patrols were the best, and I was the only person who raised my hand. :-|

Are you sure?
4koma comic strip - He Is?

4koma comic strip - Now Let's All Get Rich

There's a ton of versions of these. :D

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Scouts: Aviation MB'm taking it. duhr. :P  The Aviation Merit Badge One of the requirements to build a model plane.  We had one of those non-activities.  Kind of like watch Finding Nemo for Oceanography.  However, this was way cooler.  We cut planes out of styrofoam plates. Something like this.<-

We were going to race them at the end of the meeting. I taped the front of the wings to make it go faster.  There was this really annoying kid with long hair who kept throwing other people's planes.
BTW We don't usually do this light stuff. :D I usually don't like these things because they have no learning potential and they just fill a requirement(barely). Usually we work on projects, merit badges, and skills.  BTW If you think you can just come out here and do it, good luck to ya.  :P That has nothing to do with this I just put it there for fun. Last week we watched a [boring] 10 minute video about flight.

Oh! I started my job as Scribe today. I used GNUemacs to take notes and send out a PDF of them.  Ok.  Back to races.  We stood on the church's 1 foot high stage, and took turns hucking our planes.  Unfortunately, my plane glanced someone's shoulder during 'takeoff' and it crashed.  I went to retrieve my plane, but it was gone!  The two winners were Evan and Bryson Bison. (That's his nickname) Turns out, he found my plane and used it to win. -.-  He returned it to me, but kept the Milky Way he won.  (Of course.)  The dude who was giving out prizes gave me another Milky Way cuz he saw Bryson's first plane. :D
That's all for now.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Swamp people post

“In the farthest corner of America lies the nation’s largest swamp. A hidden world where nature rules and man fights back. Welcome to the swamp.”

Watch the newest episodes here!  or here Or on the official site!
Hi guys.  I found some spare time today, and so I decided to make a post on my second favorite TV show.

The super bowl ad is really underkill.  Like. REALLY. It's like saying the Hunger Games is about future America.  AAHEMM tarpals.
But really.

It's about people who hunt alligators for a living.  You're probably thinking "HEY aren't alligators endangered?"
And here's a quote from yahoo answers
It is perfectly legal to kill alligators, it is very regulated but legal and for good reasons, such as keeping the population of alligators down, they are a big nuisance in Louisiana as it is, it would be much worse if they weren't taken care of. Technically the hunter owns the rights to hunt in the swamps and they have to buy the right to hunt there, they cant just go in any random swamp to bait and shoot an alligator. They can't hunt all year long either, they have 30 days and are allowed only so many tags to hunt, so when either the tags or the 30 days are up that is the end of their season.
They USED to be endangered, but the government started a re-establishment program that worked sooo well, that now alligators are almost over populated and people can safely(from a legal point of view)  hunt alligators. (great use of our tax dollars) Just kidding.  BTW Hunting is never "safe".  I meant that since the season is strictly controlled, the alligators aren't at risk.  Before, people had no regulation and hunted them everyday allyear round.

Visit this link.  A good review of the show. Here's what he says about endangerment.
When I was young, alligators were considered somewhat of an endangered animal and were protected in most places. A lot has changed in that time, as I’ve come to discover firsthand as a resident of Florida these days. Gators sun in my own back yard on occasion, and they’re pretty much everywhere. In Louisiana, the state game folks have been dealing with the rising population of gators by authorizing a limited 30-day hunting season. Not just anyone is permitted to hunt the prehistoric reptiles. They must purchase hunting rights to the areas they will hunt, and they must buy the limited number of tags they can use during that season. Failure to use all of their tags means less at their disposal the next year. But a good hunter can take over 200 gators out of the swamps in that time. Obviously, we’re going to meet some very good gator hunters on this show. 

“The way of life depicted in this program dates back 300 years. Hunting, especially alligator hunting, lies at its core. Some images may be disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.”
And they’re not kidding. Gator hunting is a bloody business, and this show gets you right up close and in the action. The hunters set hooks with bait, and once a gator is hooked they must reel them in and shoot them in a very small vulnerable spot in the back of the head. Let me warn you that animals were indeed harmed in the making of this film, and you’re going to witness that harm. If you’re an animal activist, I suggest turning to the Disney Channel for this particular hour. The rest of you will get a front-row seat to a truly thrilling non-stop alligator hunt.

And like, no offense to you Dance Mom lovers, but that show gets really boring at some places. (I was in the same room as Amaranthine during the season marathon)
Swamp people is constant adrenaline pumping action.  :DDDDDDDD
ANd it's really cool too. Here's a list of the hunters.  There's also some female hunters too for you feminists.

My favorite hunter used to be Willie,
but he swears a lot and he and his dad sometimes argue about really unnecessary things.  Also, if you visited that review that I linked to earlier, you can see that the hunter needs to hit a quarter sized kill spot on the back of the gator's head.  Willie and his dad(Junior) keep hitting the wrong place, and the bullet often ricochets into them. :-(

New favorites. R.J and Jay Paul are part of the Houma Indians.  They're really awesome.  Jay Paul can usually make a 1 shot direct hit.  They also shoot alligators in open water.  (meaning that they shoot alligators then retrieve them after.  They don't swear AS MUCH.  And no cheap equipment for this father-son duo.  With their airboat and 17 Caliber Savage sniper rifle, they cooler and are more efficient than most of the other cheap-motor boat ironsight-bolt-action-prehistoric-gun teams. :P  Too bad they haven't appeared recently. For the last 2 episodes at least.

Watch the newest episodes here!  or here Or on the official site!

The awesome introduction song. Here's the link to it.

Best tv show ever! Well besides TCW.