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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Me on a motorcycle

That's me I think.  Yes.  Me and my cousins and family in general went motorcycling.  It was pretty smooth, But one guy leaned on his handlebars while hitting a rock and following me with an inch to spare (didja get that?)  gunned it and hit me.  I stayed up but he went down. :-)

Friday, December 30, 2011

StarKid and AVPM

If you're feeling left out, AVPM stands for A Very Potter Musical.  I wasn't planning to post this, but then changed my mind.  Warning: TONS of bad words.  I will mail you a quarter for every foul word you can name that this musical doesn't have.

It's a parody of harry potter.  Best songs ever.  There is the Original and the Sequel.  They're pretty long, so I would only watch about 2 parts a day.

Warning: Bad words every 5 sentences
Us and our cousins were singing the songs, and I think you guys might like them.  Here's the first part for tasters. 
I can't embed a playlist. You'll have to go there yourself.

EXTREME sillyness warning.  Don't expect a realistic, true-to-plot- type of thing. 

The Original Musical Playlist

The Sequel


I think we're ready for: ALBUS DUMBLEDORE

Back to wizards and witches, and magical beasts,
to goblins and ghosts and to magical feasts.
Its all that I love, and it's all that I need.
HOGWARTS, HOGWARTS, I think I'm going back---

Did you know that here at Hogwarts
Weve got a hidden swimming pool?

Ten points to Dumbledore!!!!

Please do watch it. :-)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Me summing up my family reunion

Day 1

In about 5 pm, my cousins, Tarpals and Jar Jar pulled up in their mini-van.  I quickly jetted upstairs and ran up to the front window with my Speedload pistol.  Unfortunately, he had a Vulcan and full duck-tape armor.  I thought "We're gonna need a little more firepower for this. :D

Days 2-4

My grandma lives nearby, so at about 7:30am, we headed up to her house.  However, she didn't like legos or nerf, leaving us with a few options for activities.  The 1st 2 days weren't bad.  We played board games.  However, the situation continued to worsen.  Soon, having exhausted most activities, we resorted to hanging around and napping.  However, every day,  we went there at about 7 am, then stayed there for the rest of the day.  Eating lunch and dinner.  We spent almost all day there.  I was mostly reading old Reader's Digests and playing Mini Militia on my other cousin's Iphone.  We did this for almost 9 hours a day.  Jar Jar is awesome.  (He's sitting behind me) I was going to say something else, but he got a really nasty look on his face.   He's gonna leave a comment on this saying "DUUUDDE".  He should totally get a blog. 

Sometimes one of my cousins would flip out and just throw anything he could at me, including a chair and a cardboard box.  Also, everyone got sick of Tarpal's and my antics, and voted us off the pingpong table.  :( 

Day 5

We listen to Percy Jackson The Sea of Monsters.  We went to my grandma's house and played more Mini Militia.  (great game BTW)'

Day 6 (Christmas) 

We went to church, then ate lunch at my grandma's house, but fortunately, we opened presents at my house.  We set up a massive ambush which I wrote about earlier, but the ambushee got up the stairs before one of our ambushers, so we were looking really stupid just firing off nerf bullets.

Also, he took Wubz hostage, preventing us from blasting him from the top of the stairs over long range.

I got some t-shirts, painting prints, a fan 
 pack, and some air.  :(
I got a vigilon, but earlier.  :)

Day 7

We went to my grandma's house, and I read a bunch more old magazines, and played Killer Bunnies.  (I'll do a post on that later)

Another eventless day at my grandma's house


We drove to this sandy area, and had a motorcycling class. ( I'll do a post on that later as well. :D

Day 9

We ate dinner at my house (FINALLY) and had  a blast. Pun intended. :D We played this game called "Stormtroopers VS Rebels" which I will post on later,
it involves a team of people raiding a room with nerf gunz. :D
Bummer.  One cousin totally flipped out again.  There's this thing, which would take the place of "meh".  He sticks his tongue out and makes this farting noise while sending massive sprays of gooey gross saliva everywhere.
Uber gross, and he did it in my face.  Twice. DD:<

We made gingerbread cookies.

Day 10 (today)

As the last day with my cousins, we went to the beach in the morning.  Then we went swimming.  We had EggNogg!!!! YUEAAAHH!HH OHYEA1!!! BEST DRI NK ever.   :D.   And so here I am, with my cousins over my shoulder, at my grandma's house typing out this post

 Personally, I wish I spent more time at my house. Nothing against my grandma, Just i spent alot of time there reading old magazines half-heartedly.  We didn't have a chance to play Ultimate Frissbee, or a all-cousin round of killer bunnies as I hoped. 

It's nice that my Grandma lets us eat at her house.

No offence to the person who keeps flipping out and spitting in my face. :)

I found a lego Jango Fett at the playground.  

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sup guys! :D

Sorry I haven't posted much.  I have lots of stuff to talk about, but no time as I'm in a massive family reunion.  I went to a motorcycling class today.  It was kinda tough, but fun.  :-)

HILARIOUS VID. Warning, several bad words and a bleep. :-(

 Neville's Birthday.  Me and my cousins sing the song at the end literally every hour.  :-)
~ooooooooooooooooo HappyHogwartsBirthday-MagicWizardParty-FunWizardHappyBirthdayFunFunFunFun-MagicFlavorBirthdayCake-WizardWishesYouWillMake~

And both Tarpals and Jar Jar (my cousins)  will leave comments saying "Of course we did"

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sup everyone :)

Yaaay!!! Family reunion.  My dad's family came over for christmas.  We built giant bunkers in the study.  Merry Christmas!!! BTW :-).   Can't say much right now.  Tarpals, Wubz, and Jar Jar are setting up a massive ambush for one of our cousins.  :-)  Will post pictures later. :-)
We are waiting for him to arrive right now.  We're in position and our guns are ready.  :)
WOAH!!!! G2G BI!!!!


Monday, December 19, 2011

Who is santa?

By C.P Grey. Not as funny, but educational.

internet memes - What Firepower!

The Potter Puppet Pals Yule ball

This is actually from 2010.  They're having a 2011 performance, but it's in the East Coast.  Funny.  They sing at the end so stick around. :DCute gif on the bottom.

Puppy Pops Out of Basket GIf - Puppy Pops Out of Basket

Original songs are after the break if you haven't heard them yet. :)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Merry Christmas!! Random update

Can't wait for christmas day!! I got my retainer just the other day and it stinks. :( 
Meanwhile,  yesterday, wubz and I were out running at the park, and I found this TINY bouncy-ball.  About a centimeter in diameter.  It bounced so high, that it could bounce out of view for an amount of time.  Unfortunately, I bounced it against the ground to see JUST how far it could go.  Then it bounced off a pole and disappeared.  We ended up finding it later, in the grass. :) 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Scouts: Eagle Scout Project

If you don't already know, a requirement for the rank of eagle scout is to organize and execute a service project for a non-profit organization.  Anyways, my dad, Wubz, and I went to one today.  We were gonna build a bridge.  :DD.   It sounded uber cool.  We would place telephone poles across an assumed canyon, then screw in planks and make a bridge across the assumed canyon.

What I thought it would be:

What it actually was:

Not really. :D I just picked these off google. Anyways, It was small, but that was good cuz alot of the work involved standing in the dry stream bed. :D
It was pretty hard work actually, but we got it done. :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Braces Off!!! :D

Yeaaa!! It was long and tedious, but they removed my braces yesterday.  I immediately began chomping down on my old favorites.  :)  Carrots.  Nuts.  Gum.  ARRR NARR NARR OMMM NOOM .....

Meanwhile, after you get your braces off, the ortho takes your picture and records what you think "It feels like" on a tackboard. 

I was thinking about asking you guys what to say, but i never got to it. 

What I was thinking:

"It feels like..."
  • I just walked into Mordor
  • I could take on the whole empire right now
  • I just blew up the death star
  • I was chewing on Styrofoam for a year
  • Someone just bought me a cheezcake
 I went with "It feels like someone bought me a cheezcake".  :D

That's all for now. :) 
Except this hilarious fail gif. :)

Ninja Vs Police Gif - Ninja Vs. Police
Ninja v police :D

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Why Pennies stink

By C.P Grey. Why pennies should die:  VERY funny try not to crack up.  :D

Friday, December 2, 2011

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Canvas Rider

What is canvas rider?  It's a simple biking game.  2d bmx biking.  You drive on people's tracks.  If you get an account, you can draw and upload tracks for other people to drive on.

Canvas Rider is an addictive game where you ride a bike on tracks drawn by other players. It's entirely written in JavaScript & HTML5, using the most of the new <canvas> element. Controls are simple: press UP to pedal, DOWN to brake, LEFT & RIGHT to balance, Z to turn around.
If you crash, you can always press ENTER to restart or BACKSPACE to cancel checkpoint(s).
There are hundreds of new tracks submitted daily, so be sure to check the subcategories for the very best ones!

REALLY fun.  I'm JROVEN cuz jro was too short :'(

I made 1. This is my page.  I've only made one so far. 

Tarpals is there as Darthmarr

THis is my map.  You break into a underground labratory while evading missles and bullets and lava poolz. :)  Check it out! :D

Sunday, November 27, 2011


 - Jumping Dog Fail 
Don't you feel like that sometimes?  


Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay  I played in a piano competition a few weeks ago, and I got the results today.  First.  Place.  :))))))

Soooooooooooo haapyy :DDDDD :D:DDDDD  ;DDDD;DDDD   :))))
DD:DD;DDDD  :)))) :D)

Sunday, November 20, 2011


 I like the bottom one better.  Wierd lyrics, but good tune and general song. AND HARRY POTTER vid too.  :) P.S these are two different versions of the song

How to check if you're a wizard

YAAAY I had a piano competition and I did supa well.  :)

IRL Troll - More Concrete Than a Visit From Hagrid

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hilarious fail-ness thing at the campout

You know how backpacking food
has little moisture absorbing packets?


And ramen noodles have those flavoring packets. 

So.  this "bill" dude who I don't like from Anza Borrego got the flavoring confused with the poisonous silicone packets and almost poured the poisonous silicone into his meal.  WAITTTT" Wubz yelled.  He hesitated as he was about to open it.  "wat" he said.

"Don't eat that."
"Why not?"

"It says do not eat, but pour into food.  Here.  I'll smell it to make sure it's not poisonous."

Rather than reading the bag, he just attempted to open the bag and pour it in.  He was so persistent that I had to throw the poisonous silicone away otherwise he would eat it.  BTW inhaling the stuff would kill you all the same.  D:

Kinda funny but it he ate it, the campout would probably end the second that stuff got to his stomach.  :P

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My coin collection

I collect state quarters another general 
 coins.  Here's a few. 
Special pennies

$1 coins.  

Regular one

A special half-dollar

Notice John Muir :)

Dude John Muir rocked.  That's Yosemite there.
Hmmmmm... State quarter?

4koma comic strip - Guess Who's at the Door

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Anza Borrego wind cave Pics!!

YAYY IT ROCKED.  But dude.  The "dude"s were really annoying. WARNING: Lotsa pics.  Really cool too.   That's our cave up there.  The dude""  brought 30 RAMEN NOODLE packets.  We ate them for breakfast and dinner.  The first day, we visited slot canyons.  They're almost invisible from above.  When you drive up next to them, you suddenly see miles and miles of canyons.  
Slot canyons
Then, we took the one mile hike up to the caves.
These are some pics of the caves.

The hike up went well.  Only.  One newb(a awesome guy but new)  Brought a ROLLING DUFFEL BAG LOLOL
Meanwhile, the food kinda stank.  We had ramen noodles for dinner.  We used backpacking stoves. You see, we used them to boil water and then pour it in dehydrated food.

We slept well.  It was warm and a clear night.


More after break :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011


On the way back...

Anyways, on the way back, we divided the food evenly.  We stopped at Julian's Pies.  Anyways, we were bored and hungry.  I had some  in my pack.  My dad had some pita   Evan, sitting in the back, had some  We put it all together to make PB AND J PITA YAAAY We were all like