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Friday, October 19, 2012

Taekwondo Testing

Yay! Our white belt testing is today!

EDIT I passed!  It's good to be an orange.
EDIT Even though I say Mr and Ms they're all around my age.

Since we go to the same TKD classes every week, we more or less see the same people.  They pretty much never use names, and we make up names for people based on what makes them noticeable in class.

I hope the other White belts have loud ki-haps because we're going to look stupid if they don't.

Mr. Math Teacher-- ヽ(`Д´)ノ  The only teacher who we have a name for. He gives out belt- tape a lot and is super friendly. The reason for his name is because first, he works at the studio for half-ish of the week, (the others work there full time so we have no need to refer to them)  Second is because he looks like the guy from our speed-reading class.

Mr. Legkick/Oranges/ Orange Belt  ʘ‿ʘ There are two orange belts in our class.  They're brothers with about 1 year apart.  12 and 11ish.  Dark brown hair They're friendly, but they have an annoying tendancy to miss-fire on kicks, (not too quickthinking :D)  At first I thought it was just me, but as we continued to have classes, I silently laughed as they kept roundhouse kicking each other again and again. Oh BTW we would do these kicking forms, and the last pair of people to finish (like, kick and step back as fast as you can)  would do 10 pushups.  They did a ton of pushups. Oh yea they're pretty much the only middle-school orange belts in our class

Mr. Onestar/ Sleeper  :Yellow Belt  (¬_¬)He's about 10 years old.  He's a yellow belt.  He's a blonde haired guy.  This one is kinda funny because during class, he was really slow to stand back up, and he was just lying down on the mat for a few minutes when the instructor noticed and began imitating him and making sarcastic jokes.  The next is because during pre-testing, after all the people in one belt level did their form, then our awesome instructor would ask the students to raise their fingers in a rating of 1-5. Then you would clap with as many fingers as you rated.  (Hold up two fingers on each hand and try to clap with them)  Our orange-belt friends finished their form (The class sat along the walls, and each belt would do their form)  and since we didn't do ours yet, we were giving everyone a 5 finger rating.  The  yellow belts already went.   As I was saying, the orange belts finished their form, and it was pretty good (except for weak ki-haps)Most students gave them a 4-5 and this guy held up one unimpressed finger. "wa! Only 1?" clap clap clap.   Not too irregular right?  High green belts.  Also 1 finger.  Everyone else.  1/5 rating.  Gee thanks for the respect. -.-  The yellow belts went before almost

Mr. Tall Guy/ Non-form-knower :White Belt ⊙﹏⊙ This guy is a tall guy with glasses and dark brown hair.  He goes to the same classes that we do. As you probably guessed, he didn't know his form for pretesting.  However, he was IN pretesting when he found out, creating an embarrassing and lame experience for him.                (;一_一)You see, our form consists of a series of punches, blocks, and foot movements.  However, the only flaw we could notice was that he didn't do the foot movements.  He missed a lot and didn't pay that much attention when we practiced our form. :-/  The thing is, he could get past by having a second or two of lag when we did our form, and it would overall go unnoticed.  Same could not be said for pre-tests.  Our instructor notice the delay, and had him attempt to do the White belt form by himself.  He tried to spell "taekwondo" with a "q".  (figuratively speaking of course) Anyways, his fate is TBA as he didn't show up for class yesterday.

Ms. Nokiai: ◔ ⌣ ◔ White belt: The only other Chinese person in one of our classes. (A kiai or ki-hap is a sharp yell when you do a kick to add/display energy)   The thing is, she like the class and kicking and punching and stuff, but she's too shy to yell or speak loudly.  This is all good and well, during the classes, when there's a bunch of other hyper 7 year old yellow belts, but during testing, your belt color is the only group of 5-6 people up, and it's evident when one person is being quietish.

BTW There's only a handful of white belts testing and none of then are super KIHAAAP (ಠ益ಠ) when they kick.

Ms. Toecrunch:White Belt IDK if she is testing or not.   You see, a few weeks ago she crunched one of her toes during the class. (When you shuffle, but your bigtoe gets stuck on the ground and you fall on it. (Happened to me way too many times)

Anyways, this is the usual class I see. I sorta wonder how many will make it to Black Belt. (And if I will)
We'll do our Form and moves in front of one of those cool competition tables. I hope it goes well!

I'll update soon. :-) :-) Wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lightsaber Battles: Awesome video!

I guarantee you will love this video. 20$. Lightsaber Battles

Bike accident

Regular life, The usual. School.  Piano.  Taekwondo.  Sleep.  Argh yesterday I had a bike accident.  I slipped on my new road bike, and lost a few chunks of elbow. :-(

I was biking along, and I was crossing the road, when my bike skidded off the side of a road drain.  I crashed in front of a car, and so I quickly dragged my bike off the road and was like "i'm fine." Heck yea I still went to my TKD class.
How I felt
How I looked
How I was