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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Biking trip! Downhill! Both ways! (No seriously) weekend, my troop is going backpacking.  However, the trail is for biking AND hiking, and we have bike bags that can carry gear.  Details: 1 night.  How can I go downhill both ways? Easy.  Portals you dummy. XD Just kidding. See, the campsite is a couple miles from the beach,  and the campsite is a couple miles from the mountains where the trail starts. The beach is obviously lower than the mountains and the campground.  So, the troop will backpack down to the site, then the next day, some adults will hike back and drive down to the beach, while the scouts backpack down to the beach.

I've geared up my bike. I still haven't gotten my wooden bear trap cut yet.  I had a essay to do over the weekend. :-(

The problem is, that even though the general direction is down, the troll path designers have made it so you go uUUP and then DOoown rather than motorcycle-biking down :)

I'll post pictures later.  My dad installed a bikerack on the back of my bike (above my back tire) so I can hang gear off the left and right side. 

I'll put my sleeping pack on top with the tent and my food, then on the left side I'll put my three nalgenes in the left side, and my clothes and 10 essentials on the left side.

I'm packing real light. No fan or flares or signal ballon thingies.  Believe me, when you've backpacked for 5 hours, every ounce counts, and you can tell if there's a beetle perched on your pack.

Alright.  HAve some funny memes.

Like a Boss
Me in taekwondo

I Got It! 
Señor Gif: Knock Knock FAIL

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bear Trap

You know the traps in those wild west/ Indian movies? (And mentioned in THG[ the trap that leaves your enemies hanging by their ankle])
They're called spring and trigger traps or something. 
First, I am planning to build a large-scale one of these.  I've made a model out of cardboard pipes.   My dad said he'd help me carve out a larger, wood trigger.These are supposed to be used to hunt squirrels, but I don't wanna and it's illegal in some areas.  I hope scout-trapping isn't illegal. :-)  THe heavier the weight and the more distance it has means more SNAP to it.  I plan to use a 10lb-ish weight.  Any larger could chuck away smaller scouts. :)  I have pics of mine on the bottom.
This is the type i'm making. :-)
OH YEA ONE MORE THING. SOMETHING AWESOME HAPPENED YESTERDAY. We went out to eat with some friends who are staying over, and we went to this $1.50 Japanese store.  AHHH MAI EYESSS TOO PINK  BWAHHH You know what Japan is like. So anyways I'm walking around and I have no idea what I'm doing here.
Wat? Hey look!

COOLLL.  WAAHWW!! AWesome! I bought 3 and wubz bought 2. :P  Can't wait to use these during a campout!! I can use it to clear my campsite.  of scouts!! :D

Back to my trap. :)  modified the design so that pulling on the rope wouldn't damage the trigger.  Here are some technical videos I used a snoglobe to weigh down the hook. :DD Remember that I am building a real one and these are just concepts. (Notice I pull on the weights to get the noose to tighten) :-)
P.S The "yesterdays" and "tomorrows" in this are out of date. :-)

The overall design

the trigger and hook
My modification to the design

These are concept only. :-) Can't wait to get the full model working.
Here's a closeup of the hook and trigger


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Awesome songs

Glitch Mob.  NO lyrics. Just awesome tunes.
 Serious. Listen to them. You'll love them.

Entire playlist of GM,

We can make the world stop. (Best) :D

Fistful of Silence

 Bad Wings

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Taekwondo 2

I took a legitimate newb class yesterday!  We do those group warmups and we practice on these targets. You can kick/punch then, and there are two sides of it. When you hit them they make this loud popping noise.  The class is right down the road, so I bike there, and then change there.

 There are 4 instructors.  They're usually all there.Cool. :-)