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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I've just started taking taekwondo.

Stuff about it:
It's fighting with both hands and feet.
It's from Korea.
Kicks and punches. My favorite.
You yell alot. (Called the kiai) It helps your body tense up and be stronger)
You practice with these targets.

First thoughts: This uniform is really loose.  I could use it for a rain shelter.
They speak Korean here. I need to study up on that.
They are uber strict.
I need to stretch more. They count in Korean when they stretch.
Everyone I know goes here. ( the instructor could name about 30 people I know)

Fun though.  You bow a lot and you say sir to everything.  The uniforms are really loose without the belt. And you get the belt on the second week.  I like it.
Last thing: Black Belt. You can get a black belt every 2 years.  There are nine levels. So the best one is a level 9 black belt.

We learned basic blocking and kicking.

Yay I can count to 5 in Korean! :D

Monday, August 27, 2012


Yeah I'm in High School now. For the first few days I was off, but I'm used to it now.

Log of last month:

-Went beach camping.
-Got a new knife for a graduation gift! :D
- I keep half writing posts. I write and then decide mehh.
Still Patrol Leader of the DOC.

I read the last Artemis Fowl book, and I've read all the Alex Rider series.
Both great.

Quick Rant:
Wouldn't it be cool to be famous?  Especially for things that only you did, and you really did. (Not an actor) People everywhere would recognize you.  Autographs. Free stuff, interviews ECT.  YOu can play better practical jokes on people...

Neil Armstron, the first man on the moon, just died.  Arguably one of the most famous American pioneers.  Do you know hated the most about his career?  No.  Space food is pretty good if you add a little extra powder.  What he disliked about himself most was actually his fame.  Yes. Believe it or not. He didn't like being viewed as an icon.   
He was a very reclusive man.  

Back to the main point. People will love you one day, then ignore you the next.  You are famous during your peak career, and then 10 years later when you die.

ARgh Amaranthine just told me I'm up late gotta go now bye.:-)


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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Totally Okay WIN
Me when my mom goes shopping w/o me.
Yeaa I'm going camping this weekend!.