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Thursday, July 28, 2011



Hey yall.  Today was a rather eventful day.  Have you ever encountered a impossible situation, and then decided that you would wait for someone elses help? 5 times?  Well, let's start from the beginning.  In the mornings, I have canoeing from 9 to 11.  For a recap, this is for a merit badge.  Yesterday, we practiced capsizing.  Anyways, the standard flipping procedure is to lean to the side until the canoe tips.  However,  this one kid flopped off the side without flipping the canoe, which was hilarious cause he was failing at failing. LOL.  Anyways, during the duration of the ride, our jerky counselors were constantly pegging us with tennis balls, which kinda hurt.  

Later, then they putted up to another canoe (the counselors ride a motorboat) and flipped them.  Then they came up to us with a nasty look and got broadside.  Then, me, knowing that one way or another I'd end up sub-marine, so being ninja, I flipped into their pathetic lil' motorboat and then got ready to cannonball out, but then they threw me out. :-( Yah.  But I did save Wubz and my canoe.  That was good.  Wubz paddled off to save our canoe while that happened.  

Some hornets also built a nest right next to mah window.  Hmm.  Nothing a good jetblast can't fix.  

And of course, no awesome adventure is complete without a comic, which will come later.  

--Jro :-)

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