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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What is a leap year?


I got tagged. (11)

Since I'm kinda new at this, I had no idea what what even going on until I read about 5 other blogs. :D Here it goes:

1.  I will eat anything. I'm not much of a picky eater, and I'll eat whatever is put on my plate.

2. I'm really good at a couple things.
SUPRISE right? :P  It kinda sucks, You see, when I was smaller, we used to play tag alot.  Like everyday.  I can run super fast.  Don't ask me how. I'm about 10 lbs lighter than most kids my age though.  Anyways, I'm also really good with a nerf sword.  I play with my brother about everyday, and I win every time. :D
It's great that he still likes it though. BTW we play large-scale swords.  (minus the horses).   We have theses massive pillow clubs with pillow armor and pillow shields and pillow maces.  The rule is that if a pillow hits you in the face or stomach, that counts as half a life.  I tied a beanie-baby onto a blanket, and then another extension.  I designed it so it would snap OVER the opponent's shield
So when he    ^ blocked the first segment, the second segment would swing around and hit him.  :DD  We also fold paper throwing knives and shrieks.  (Actually shruikens but that takes too long so we just call them "shrieks"  They count as mini-swords.  Super fun! Anyways,

3.  I've been to Costa Rica. I'm going again for a mission trip this summer.

“In the farthest corner of America lies the nation’s largest swamp. A hidden world, where nature rules, and man,  fights back. Welcome to the swamp.”
(summon awesome theme song)

I'll do a post on this TV show later. 
It's my second favorite(Next to TCW).
An alligator hunting show.   WAAAAY better than Dance Moms.  (From a boy's perspective.duuhhhh). :D
I highly encourage you to watch it.  Bummer. THere's alot of swearing.  You can't really blame them when 13-foot alligators are snapping at you. :P  The directors do a really good job bleeping out the foul words.  THere's some blood and animal lovers won't like this.:P  You can watch all 3 seasons free here.  Season 3 is coming out right now on thursdays. The latest episode. It only has two of the old hunters though.  And it doesn't have my favorites.  Oh well.:D  Next week will probably have them. 

5.  I plan to make dutch oven cheesecake at a campout.  Not sure which one. 

6.  I lLOVE bugs.  There was this time in a mexico mission trip, where we found this SCORPION.  And this other time in costa rica, we taped a cockroach to this really awesome girl's back, and then she went into the dormitories!!! :DDDDD

7. i love practical jokes.

8.  I suck at FPS games.

9.  I like hiking and active sports.

J&J's questions:
yup nope nope yup yes kinda don't like snakes starwars or harrypotter no i'mhomescooledCostaRIca Yess nothissummrt yes.

Lol srry kinda short on time. I've never really met a bully. I'm going to costa rica this summer.  I like snakes. 

Can't think of anyone to tag.  :D

Gotta go!! bye. I'll do a Costa Rica Memoir soon.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

CP. Grey 8 Animal Misconceptions Rundown

lol love this guy

Yesterday and the day before

I missed the Joshua Tree camp out.  :-(   BTW for those of you who don't know, Joshua tree has SHOTGUN SHOOTING YAAAAY  Basically, a trap(a disk launcher) chuks clay pidgeons (Actually clay frisbees) and BOOM     You blow it up. :D  It's super fun.  The only downside is that the gun is uber heavy when you're holding it out, and it takes like a minute just to reload 1 shot.

|_________________,----------._ [____]  ""-,__  __....-----=====
               (_(||||||||||||)___________/   ""                |
                  `----------' Krogg98[ ))"-,                   |
                                       ""    `,  _,--....___    |
                                               `/           """"
Rifle shooting is alot more calm.  You sit on this bench and shoot at targets over 50yrds.  At summer camp, this noobie dude said "THATS EASIE".  Unfortunately, you know those sniper computer cheap click and shoot games?  Those are a complete LIE.

Your rifle moves whether you want it to or not.  We also use bolt action. (Duh) For those of you who seriously think people use clips, :P
Believe it or not, there is a difference between a RIFLE and a SNIPER RIFLE
internet memes - Gunspert? What's That Even Called?BTW hey people, y do u think the shell drops out of the gun slowly?
Also false.  BOOOM  -   <-shell
When you fire, the shell explodes out the side, hitting any unlucky bystanders.
I mean like, there's these kids who play shooting games and then consider themselves professionals for knowing "ak47 m16 wellinton glock  [(letter)(number)]   p39 b21 bleh bleh bleh"

Meanwhile... :D
One of my patrol members tripped during last week's camp out, and he got a bruise.  We had a Court of Honor yesterday, where people recieve awards GAAAH I always spell receive wrong.

A while ago, one of our troop adult walked on stage and began talking about how people move on and stufff.  I knew what was coming and I thought "Not good"

Unfortunately, my scoutmaster, Mr. Charles, got a new job far away,  he isn't moving, but he will be less active in Boyscouts.  Mr, Bradford, another adult, was going to take his place.  And when she announced Mr. Charles was stepping down,  it was a bittersweet moment.  Mr Charles and Mr Bradford were both present.
Scouts clapped, and it was real applause.  Not like the type that you give after your cousin sings "I'm a little teapot"  it was inspired applause.  Mr. Charles has been scoutmaster of my troop for 4 years, and he was an inspiration to EVERYBODY.  He has a way of getting my troop to work.  If he was present, LOTS of things got done.  He isn't leaving the troop, but he won't show up for a bunch of meetings. :-(
At the CoH, was presented with a plaque honoring his service to our troop.  When people clapped again, The troop gave him standing ovation! Well, except for no-soup-in-a-buffet-sleeping and reading in class Big Dude.  He was reading this book, and HE DIDNT CLAP OR STANDUP!!!! I WAS LIKE BIG DUDE WHATS YOUR PROBLEM!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? !?!?! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRGGGGGG mean, HE WAS SITTING IN THE FRONT ROW!!! EVEN HIS BROTHER, LITTLE DUDE STOOD UP.  THIS MAN ON STAGE HAS GIVING ALMOST A YEAR OF HIS LIFE(3 hrs a meeting with 3 day campouts each month for almost five years) TO YOUR TROOP!!!!!!! I kicked his chair, and he was like?? Wat"? I mean at least Big Dude could look up from his book. :',-(

Anywayz.... Whats up? I'm working on a post of my recollections from 2 years ago in Costa Rica on a mission trip.  We're going again this year. :-)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Starwars Wars The spoof wars

You starwars fans will LOVE this.  Especially you who like TCW.
There are 5 episodes.  They are REALLY funny.  Warning: swearing.   Lots of music and songs. :D

I watched all of them at once.  :D

Parodying the Shadow of the Malevolence.
Silent treatment.  MMMPH
Grievous has some problem with Dooku
lol.  Funny start.  Watch the whole thing!

Parodying "Ambush"
Love it how they just break into music.  :P
"Use that cliff sheltering a village!"
Bleh Bleh phhhhttttt

#3 and  Parodying Downfall of a Droid

Insanely epic music at the beginning of this one.
Don't you love it how they break into Where is the Love
on that last one? :-D

Unfortunately, the dude who owns this disabled embedding, so you have to visit it yourself.

#5 Parodying Destroy the Malevolence
Grievous decides to earn respect of the Jedi by destroying the elusive Darth Won.
Obiwan mysteriously has his force power replaced by magnets.

Hope you enjoyed it! :D

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Any of you watch the Super Bowl? I watched it at my grandma's house.  Arrk.  I pulled a muscle in my arm while swordfighting with wubz.  I can still type and write though, because my fingers have individual muscles.

Lol slomo
internet memes - Like a Bradshaw