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Friday, September 30, 2011

Urban Taggers.: Arts + Crafts: Robotic Double Vulcan Nerf Gun Turr...


Urban Taggers.: Arts + Crafts: Robotic Double Vulcan Nerf Gun Turr...: If you're a fan of robotics and overkill, this vid is for you. If you're not one to care for the finer details, skip forward to the 5 min mark

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New trap!!!

Thanks for all your comments guys! I like the tripwire idea, only I can't really test it. :D  Tarpal's idea was good, I'm just waiting for him to send me all that dynamite.  :D  Anyways, I decided my last trap failed because he wasn't under the door when he opened it.  I wish I had beachballs.  Those will almost never miss.  I only have 1 right now.  Anyways, see vids. :)



I was doing some heavy, well as heavy as it gets in my room, construction last night.
I cut out some cardboard panels for my table!! !It looks awesome!! Yay!! :D:D Yayayay!!! Yea. :-|  More pics after the break.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Rant: Comparison

This is more of a rage thing.  There's this place called Newport Sea Base.  They teach Merit Badges.  The counselors don't know how to do what they teach.  They eat and listen to music.  They ride in motorboats.  They swear and throw tennis balls at you while you canoe.  They just kinda stink.  Anyways,  I decided to do a compare and contrast with Emerald Bay.  The counselors are really mean.  :'(

I just heard.  This kid went to take a merit badge.  A requirement was to watch a movie.  They watched Finding Nemo.  ARE YOU KIDDING??? AT EMERALD BAY THEY WATCHED A HOUR LONG DOCUMENTARY OF THE OCEAN.  AT NSB THEY WATCHED FINDING NEMO,  PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN,  AND CARTOONS!!!!!!!!
I mean, is that a joke?

                                               Emerald Bay     Newport Sea Base

Participate with the students     Yes                           No
Nice                                          Yes                          No
Know what they teach              Yes                          No
Have been diving                      Yes                         No
Know how to swim                  Yes                         Probably not (lol)
Throw you into the ocean for fun   No                      Yes
Swear                                       No                           Yes
Actually teach                           Yes                          No
Costs 100 per class                   Yes                          Yes

The Spanish Shawl Nudibranch

A strange animal.
Think of your favorite aquarium.  Now imagine an aquarium twice as awesome.  That's the one at Emerald Bay.  Emerald Bay is the summer camp I went to.  The staff are really nice.  They spend hours talking and teaching scouts.  I asked one guy "What was the most interesting animal you caught?  Instead of answering, he led me to a tank.  There were these weird purple slug thingies.  They move like flying carpets.   The aquarium has a round glass petting tank, with 8 stingrays and shovelnoses,  and about 15 sharks.  There's an octopus and a stonefish.  Some lionfish too.  Moray eels, and Lobsters.  Another post later. :)



You see, our church has these little things called small groups, and our family decided to host one.  If you're a boy,  you know how I feel about my room.  And,  I've had trouble with renegade 6 YOs breaking into my room and stomping on all my legos. :(.

Anyways, this week,  three new little kids came.  About 7 YO.  Anyways, I set up some traps for fun,  but I only used one.  Unfortunatly,  As you can see,  I wanted the trap to be safe, so I covered the cardboard and lego brick in white sheets. (To help blend in with the roof)  However, I built the trap during the day, and it didn't occur to me that my room would be dark, therefore white sheets woud actually STAND OUT, rather than camoflaging.  So, this kid spotted it,  and he opened the door.  Slowly.  Because of that, thecardboard got stuck on the door, and only the monkey fell.  HOWEVER, I only used the first one,  so I will try the second next time. :D

If you have ANY ideas, please let me know.  No matter how crazy they are. :D


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Icecream (Read this before taking the poll)


Let's say there were 3 bowls of ICECREAM. :D  One has 1 scoop, one is empty, and one is grossly overflowing with 5 scoops and vanilla wafers. :D

Now, the bowl with 1 scoop is uncovered. Bowl 2 with 5 huge scoops and crispy vanilla wafers and Bowl 3, the empty bowl, are both covered.

Assuming the bowls are the same (the actual bowls), :P  then what would you do? Would you be safe and go with one scoop, or be a risk-taker and go for a covered bowl? (Also assuming you like ice cream) :D  Was that confusing?
See poll! :D

Friday, September 16, 2011

Scouts: Backpacking tomorrow

YAY! Im going backpacking tomorrow.  I just watched the new starwars episodes and finished playing games with my favorite brown-curly-frizzled-hair cousin.  So. Yea. It's 5 miles.  20 pound pack.  I'm gonna ask Amaranthine to borrow her camera.  I helped myself to some pics at home though. :)  We're going by a creek. Yay! Amaranthine said I could use her camera!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Scouts: Backpacking Trip

YAY! This sat I'm going backpacking. So yea.  I'll try to get a camera and some pics back. :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Random: Fun-fails

Playing is fun.  No one can change that.  However, when I try to execute a many-stepped prank, it never works.  Yea.  From smashing into open cabinets, kicking granite door stoppers, or hitting lightbulbs with improvised missles, I've seen it all.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September 11

10 years ago, the world changed.  Drastically.  You probably know about it.  Four planes were hijacked and used as weapons.  I remember 10 years ago.  We still had a tiny box of a tv.  We were watching CNN.  My mom was crying with my dad.  "Mommy, why is there fire coming out of the airplane?"   At the time,  I was completely unaware that anything had happened.  I first realized what had happened about 4 years later in a book, and I discovered the significance of what I had watched.

There isn't much we can do about it.  Or is there?  Well, there is one last thing. Pray.  Thousands of people were killed in the attacks.  Millions of lives were devastated.  Pray for the lives that changed and the families torn by the attack.  People are still hurting from what happened back then.  Also, pray for the soldiers that are serving in the middle east.  They are "keeping the world safe for democracy".


Saturday, September 3, 2011

LOL chat. 
Here's what happened.

Sup y'all.  I was chatting with SUM1 and I wanted her to accept my chess invite.


The Potter Puppet Pals

The Potter Puppet Pals Are awesome.  MAKE SURE THEY'RE From Neil Cicirega or ThePotterPuppetPals Youtube channel.  I'll post one every now and again. :-)

Gun GIFs. :-)

Notice the shell ejection.:-)

BTW at  you can watch any GIF in reverse!! Really funny.
Slo-mo glock shooting
Reloading win!!!!

He wanted a bite. :-(

IRL Troll - Classic: I Wanted a Bite