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Monday, September 26, 2011


You see, our church has these little things called small groups, and our family decided to host one.  If you're a boy,  you know how I feel about my room.  And,  I've had trouble with renegade 6 YOs breaking into my room and stomping on all my legos. :(.

Anyways, this week,  three new little kids came.  About 7 YO.  Anyways, I set up some traps for fun,  but I only used one.  Unfortunatly,  As you can see,  I wanted the trap to be safe, so I covered the cardboard and lego brick in white sheets. (To help blend in with the roof)  However, I built the trap during the day, and it didn't occur to me that my room would be dark, therefore white sheets woud actually STAND OUT, rather than camoflaging.  So, this kid spotted it,  and he opened the door.  Slowly.  Because of that, thecardboard got stuck on the door, and only the monkey fell.  HOWEVER, I only used the first one,  so I will try the second next time. :D

If you have ANY ideas, please let me know.  No matter how crazy they are. :D



  1. A Nerf gun! With some kind of fancy contraption to pull the trigger that involves a marble track, an anvil and an absurd amount of explosives!

  2. I'm no trap expert but you could use fishing wire (clear plastic) as a trip wire.

  3. my friend took 1 of those explosives that blows up when u pull on both ends and tied it 2 fishing wire and thumb tacks on both sides of the door frame so that when someone walked through it, it blew up.