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Monday, September 12, 2011

Random: Fun-fails

Playing is fun.  No one can change that.  However, when I try to execute a many-stepped prank, it never works.  Yea.  From smashing into open cabinets, kicking granite door stoppers, or hitting lightbulbs with improvised missles, I've seen it all.

NinjaNoob and Atina, you both remember this one.  We were sitting in church, and Atina was chewing gum.  .   .(chomp chawmp chawmp)  Anyways, she started stretching the gum out of her mouth, and I saw perfect opportunity.  However, IT WAS A TRAP. Ok maybe not. but still.  Even as I raised my arm, disaster was bubbling like oatmeal in a deep fryer.

First, lemme just say that Atina is one of those playful,  stick handgun-in-your-back, water pistol ambush kind of person, and I would never attempt this trick on anyone who would feel offended.  (Except on people who I really don't like. :D
(like Jack)

It wasn't a complicated trick, and have used it several times.  The goal was to use a karate chop, and cut the gum in half before the person knew what was going on.   Then you could sit and see how long it took for the person to stop sucking and trying to pull their gum back. :D  Anyways,  this one fail simply because I tried a nanosecond too late. She stopped moving for 10 seconds, and then on the 9.9999999th second, she leaned forward an inch.  Now, for the trick to work, you need to cut the gum right in front of their mouth or the remains of the cut would swing back onto their chin and alert them what was going on.  So, anyways,  I had decided to use a short arm swipe.  I made my move, and then she tilted her head forward, and I kinda panicked, instead landing a hit on the bridge of her nose.  It was a pretty good hit, but at the situation, it stank. I'm glad her glasses didn't break, and I'm glad about nobody noticed.  :D

Although at Boyscouts, that Jack guy who I don't like was chewing gum, and I pulled the same trick, and he NEVER figured out what happened.  EVER.  That's pretty funny considering it usually takes about 30 seconds for someone to realize what happened. :D
That's all for now.


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