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Friday, October 28, 2011

Walter de la Mare The listeners

‘Is there anybody there?’ said the Traveller,   
   Knocking on the moonlit door;
And his horse in the silence champed the grasses   
   Of the forest’s ferny floor:
And a bird flew up out of the turret,   
   Above the Traveller’s head:
And he smote upon the door again a second time;   
   ‘Is there anybody there?’ he said. 
But no one descended to the Traveller;   
   No head from the leaf-fringed sill
Leaned over and looked into his grey eyes,   
   Where he stood perplexed and still. 
But only a host of phantom listeners   
   That dwelt in the lone house then
Stood listening in the quiet of the moonlight   
   To that voice from the world of men:
Stood thronging the faint moonbeams on the dark stair,   
   That goes down to the empty hall, 
Hearkening in an air stirred and shaken   
   By the lonely Traveller’s call.
And he felt in his heart their strangeness,   
   Their stillness answering his cry,
While his horse moved, cropping the dark turf,   
   ’Neath the starred and leafy sky;
For he suddenly smote on the door, even   
   Louder, and lifted his head:—
‘Tell them I came, and no one answered,   
   That I kept my word,’ he said.
Never the least stir made the listeners,   
 Though every word he spake
Fell echoing through the shadowiness of the still house   
   From the one man left awake:
Ay, they heard his foot upon the stirrup,   
   And the sound of iron on stone,
And how the silence surged softly backward,   
   When the plunging hoofs were gone.

Happy Halloween!! (*-*)

Monday, October 24, 2011

My awesome chair

We had a special event, and my dad, knowing I wanted one for a while, got me
a camp chair! :D Yayyayayayayay!! It weighs only 2 pounds.  Uber light.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Epic clip

Nothing like a little epic music to go along with it.  SPOILER WARNING

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Strategy Action game

First,  this game involves generally criminal activity.  I do not endorse tying a giant diamond to a scooter,   :D  This game is stupidly fun.  yea.  You might need to click or press buttons at a special time.  Super fun.

Meme- Lame Pun Coon

memes - Lame Pun Coon: The Chalk Outline Was Disproportionate 

memes - Lame Pun Coon: All a Matter of Perspective'

More after break. More here.     Lame Pun Coon

Monday, October 17, 2011

Song- MGMT Kids

This song is kinda weird, but it has a good tune.   WARNING Whatever you do,  do not look up the original music video.  Of course, I've probably just made sure you did,  but the first few minutes of the vid will probably kreep you out.  :D  Just listen to the song. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

The sorting hat.

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

The Sorting Hat Quiz is kinda a Pottermore pre-thingy.  YAY I got Ravenclaw.  Only too bad anybody can hack the badge simply by typing in their own jpeg.  :D

<pp style="font-size:8pt;"><a href=""><img src="" style="border:none; width:256px; heights106px;" title="Awesome"></a><br><a href="">Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?</a></p>


P.S I actually got sorted into Ravenclaw. :D

Sunday, October 9, 2011

RIDE your bike!!! :D

epic win photos - Clever Graffiti WIN 
No offense to anybody.  :)
My family is big with bikes and stuff.   We bike pretty much everywhere that we regularly go. :D

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Epic Storybook event

These last few days were showered in rain.  As a result,  my school's lunchbreak was spent indoors.  My mom packed me a Mung Bean and rice wrap.  It was rolled up,  giving it the appearance of a giant slug.  :D

So.  There's this really annoying kid.  Short guy.  Spiky hair.  Bright blue shirt and jeans. ~@~  .    Anyways.  He didn't bring lunch, and so he takes a walk around to see if he could snitch any food.  I had two wraps.  He walked up and said
"What the      is that?"
"Food.  It's actually a giant slug."

Then he reached over and took a bite out of it.  He started gagging  Spit it out on the table.  I finished the wrap I was on in a humongous bite and yelled "HEY!!!!! THATS MY LUNCH!!!! DD:<"  
Anyways,  he kinda straddled off.  Later,  after cutting off a chunk,  I took a bite and immediately realized it was moldy.  :DDDDDD I was lolololololl  for the rest of the day.   :D

Meanwhile,  the other kids were playing board games and stuff.  We have these coins that you can use to buy stuff,  and some kids were using them to play poker.  :\

That's all fer now.  :)