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Monday, August 22, 2011


A few weeks ago, most of you know, I fell and smashed up my toe. :-( And IT HURT!!! :'( :,'(  Fortunately there was no permanent damage and no major... hurts.  Anyways, this was in the middle of a dinner party, and the kids were goofing around upstairs.  So. I tried to bandage it, but if you look at your toe, you can see that the skin meets the nail at a concave angle, so a bandage really didn't do much.   I got some tissue, but I needed a rubber band to hold it in place.  My room is directly adjacent to my sister's, and so I called to her and asked to go downstairs and grab me a rubberband. 
"What's it for?"
"My toe. I need something to hold some tissue in place."
"OWWWW that looks like it hurts"
"Can you get me a rubber band?"
"I'm not going to let you rubberband up your toe!"

Then, she went on a parade around the house.  Then, she went to the garage, opened the car door, and pulled out our "12 by 7" emergency first aid kit.  HAY EVEWYONE!! JRO HAS A HOWT TOE!!!!!!!!  She stomped upstairs with her friend, and then busted into my room about after I finished applying oil.  At the time, however, my room was equipped with two first aid kits, tape, a knife, Ten Essentials, the Outdoor Essentials, and My Awesome Field Kit.  So, naturally, I needed a rubberband. (Morphy's other law)  And, the thing I needed least was lots of attention, noise, and a 2 pound bag of crud.

OK! (unzipps massive red mesh suitcase) Let's see! Do you need an eye patch!? Do you want a tourniquet?
her: You dont need one. :DDD
me: Yes I do. DD:<
her: Here. use this.  (Pulls out XXL bandage)
me: I already used one. It didn't work! DD:
her: Here a small band aid! :DD
her. O-K!!! :DD
her: Let's see!!! Where is the end on this roll??? :DDDD
her friend: HeHEHEHEHEHEH (All along)
me: THANKS. :-|
me: I need a Popsicle stick.  
her: WY???
me: I'm gonna splint the toe to keep it from moving while I sleep.
her: NO. :-((
her: Goodbye.
her friend: Knock Knock.

The mood was that light. :-( I mean, hello? I might have a broken bone???? I'm bleeding from a possible fracture? I asked for a 3 second task and I got 5 minutes of incompetence.  She made such a big fuss that the downstairs conversation almost stopped, and my dad came up to see what was going on.  Any why didn't she let me use a popsicle stick?  I used a Marble Thing rail and some loose rope for a splint.  So.  All turned out fine, but it was almost an insult to injury. 


  1. ......I'm trying REALLY REALLY hard not to laugh. XDD I just don't see your sister like that. XD LOL!! Wow.

    Well, I'm glad you're toe is a bit better, I hope Amaranthine is more helpful next time. XDD LOL!!!!