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Monday, August 15, 2011

News: Scouts: FAIL Scout

 "Heartwarming" Story.    So.  This scout gets lost and builds a shelter to survive.  Smart guy, right? Well, read the story again.

BTW I love these reporters who can't tell that branches and wood are the same thing. :P
"He built a shelter made of tree branches and wood to get through a cold night and he also covered himself in dirt to stay warm."
He had no buddy.  Bam.  The whole reason he got lost.

Anyways, first, HE DID NOT HAVE THE TEN ESSENTIALS!!!  He would not have lasted another day.  He had no: Water, food/snack,  no extra clothing.

He broke all the rules of Wilderness Survival.  When lost, you should STAY PUT.  Searchers will search systematically, so if you're moving, chances are that you could go in circles for days. Also, walking takes ENERGY.  No food, no water, no more energy.  10 mile hike? Not happening twice.

True, he did build a shelter.  That is good.

Bottom line, stay put. Stay calm.  NEVER WALK OUT BY YOURSELF.  Always bring a backpack with water and gear.  Real troops wear backpacks.
Ask your brother to get the Wilderness Survival Pamphlet from the troop library.  Great book.


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