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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rage: Jack B: Things I hate about people

So.  There's this kid named Jack in our troop.  Nobody likes him.  I couldn't understand why, at first.  Visually, he'd been in the troop for years and still didn't have a patrol patch.  However, I started losing friendly connection at Emerald Bay.

On day 1, I went around the crowd of scouts.  Hi. Good morning.  Sup. Hey. ETC.  Later, when I returned from carrying some luggage, I noticed Jack was walking on people's backpacks.  Squashed my lunch. :-(

When playing cards, Jack will cuss and swear if you play a wildcard on him.  Really annoying.

However, the worst part is that he is a.... jerk.   He loves to cut people in line.  Because "somebody saved his spot". 
Don't you hate it how little kids invite their friends to the front of a line? I mean, he only asked the front. What about everybody in between? Heck.

War Canoes. You'll learn more about them later.  Every time our canoe would swell, he would stop paddling and gasp again and again.. -.-    "IM AFWAID OF CAPSIzING" he says.
You see, War Canoes are theses huge 10-man things.  However, we had less people because we brought gear.

    ☺                ☺
The people in the front and back steer, and the people in the middle just paddle no matter what.  You see that  if he stops paddling, the whole canoe would turn.
He was afraid of going into the kelp, but he would ironically steer us into the kelp. 

And, here's the best part.  He was wearing sneakers and a sweater.  So.  He was afraid of getting wet. Now, these canoes can't just run aground.   You gotta hop out (into the water) and carry 'em.  Jack was trying to make us run aground so he wouldn't get wet.  It got better when he asked the ranger to carry him!! LOL We got pictures later.  Anyways, he kept lifting his arms and legs in a failing attempt to stay dry, when he lifted both his legs, he lost balance, and SPLASH!1! Completely underwater.  And to top it off, he told the ranger "Thanks for nothing". 

So.  Yea. 
I hereby forfeit responsibility for any Jack jokes.

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