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Saturday, January 7, 2012


Remember that annoying dude from the other campout? (three pages)  (Not to be confused with That Dude who is really awesome and has an awesome blog) :D
the annoying person also brought 1-use (disposable) toothbrushes.

Well, he's joining my patrol.  His bro is in another patrol, but they hate each other and want to be seperate. 

Sooner or later, I knew, Little Dude would graduate from cub scouts and join my troop.   Big Dude is already in another patrol, and so I didn't worry Little Dude would be in my patrol.  However, Big Dude and Little Dude don't get along very well, and they requested to be in separate patrols.  Now, usually, bros go in the same patrol.  Easier management and less paperwork.  However, they already convinced their parents to get them in different patrols.  I heard about this a while earlier, and I secretly wished that he wouldn't go in my patrol.  Unfortunately, Morphy's Law says otherwise.  Turns out, Little Dude knows Random Person, who is in my patrol.  Funny how the Troop Council goes out of their way to put two acquaintances together right after they put two brothers apart. 

Reasons why I don't like the Two Dudes.  (Same as before just summed up)
First; This reason has nothing to do with them,  but it's just inconvenient.  You see, the DOC (my patrol) were founded by a band of brothers.  No pun intended.  Anyways, they joined at the same time, and so.  The became EAGLES and left the troop at the same time, leaving 2 well trained members left.  When Wubz and I joined, That gave the DOC 4 senior members.  Bummer.  1 of them moved to Arizona.  That leaves 3 good members.  THEN suddenly, the troop committee realizes "Hey the DOC needs new members".  And they began stacking newbs into my patrol.  1/5 newbs are noobs.  We now have 3 Senoir members , 1 smart but inexperienced member, and then about 7 crazy noobie hyper-actvie little midgets. 

At the last campout, Big Dude and Little Dude dumped garbage onto landmarks
and other people, made extremely inappropriate jokes about chickens and stuff that I shouldn't mention.  They both dislike each other and will go out of their way to annoy each other, putting two patrols at real annoyance. They both can't stand work or anything but eating and asking "Is my food ready".   They have slight attention problems/ respect problems.  (Little Dude stuck his tongue out at our troop president) Tons of stuff not to like. :-( Sometimes, I get so annoyed that I want to say
internet memes - That's Just Mean

We obviously need to try and train more people to be senoir members, but that's pretty tough if they're running around at Mach 2 trying to tie people up and making inappropriate jokes.

Meanwhile, the two brothers, Bid Dude and Little Dude are stuck with each other whether they like it or not.  Neither of them is old enough to be awesome and independent, and so their dad babysits them both. Their dad carries their gear and provisions, which could lead to potential supply disputes between the brothers and their own patrols.  Their parents will need to look over two patrols at once, which will cause the DOC and the NJ to end up sharing food, dishes, and supplies that the Dudes bring.  They are bound together, and they can't leave each other simply by switching patrols.

So yea...

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