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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Flitwick's little brotha

So, you guys ever heard the one about Sirius Black and Flitwick’s little brother?
So, Flitwick’s little brother is walking down the streets of London, and Sirius Black, he’s in this storm drain dressed as a clown. And he’s like “yo, hey, Flitwick’s little brother, down here, in this storm drain it’s me, a clown” and flitwick’s little brother’s like “yeah chap what you want” and Sirius black is like “ooh, flitwick’s little brother you’ve got to get down this storm drain with me cause you’re. missing. Out. We’ve got a carnival down here. We got loads of cotton candy and balloons” and the kid practically flipped he goes “o I got to get down there” and ?he stands up like alright let’s go to that carnival? so he reaches down his arm right, but Sirius black he grows his mad teeth, and HE BITES THE KID’S HEAD OFF. And two days later, that kid died.

Lol from AVPM The sequel actually.

I used this story in Mafia. It was really funny

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