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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Moutain Biking

Yesterday morning me and my bro, mom, and dad went mountain biking
Easy trail
  Just kidding.  Kind of.  I mean, going sideways isn't too bad, but going backwards really sucks.
You know how when you're taking a easy bike ride, and you only need one brake?  If you tried using only one brake while mountain biking, I'd see if I could visit you in your hospital room.  Really.  I even needed to use both brakes when WALKING my bike down a cliff- Ahem*   Hill..   Some places it was smooth and you could go 70mph downhill.  Other places, it was UBER steep and rocky, and I even had to walk my bike downhill and Uphill
I almost went off a cliff, but skidded to a halt, then started sliding sideways.  Anyways, overall, it was fun, but
if people say "easy trail" it's probably easy compared to Mt. Everest, but it's challenging and fun. :)

We went by a reservoir and up and down some hills with great views. 10 mile bike. 

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