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Monday, November 7, 2011


A few weeks ago, I said I was going to Anza Borrego. The wind caves.  Anyways, today, at my scout meeting, we planned "Grubmaster", which is the dude in charge of bringing food.  Anyways,  At the last minute,  the large burden was switched off to this dude. "Joe" for now.

Now, first, backpacking is tough.  No eggs.  Period.  You kidding me?  Fruit, premade anything,  stew, long cooking,  all un-legit.  Backpacking usually involves a dehydrated "powdered" menu. 

So, I would not hand it off to a newb. This is "Joe's" FIRST campout,  not just his first backpacking trip.  I came up with a document of what to do. IE.  Email him, call him blah blah blah...

This dude WADR isn't the brightest hammer in the garage.  He's cracked his dad's windshield "because he was being really annoying".  He sleeps at church.  (1 out of 7 times) He called his brother a bunch of nasty stuff.  He has no hoot about who's going, what's going, what he needs, or anything.  I''ve produced 5 scenarios below.

1:  He brings light food for enough people and saves some money.    Good, light food,

2: He doesn't bring enough dehydrated food. 

3:  He brings cheesecake, steak, cereal and milk, pancakes and stew.  (We'll have to lug it up the mountain)

4: He brings eggs and a small amount of food for himself/

5: He completely forgets and the once-proud DOC starves and fails. :'((((

Remember he isn't usually in my patrol.  Oh well. Wish me luck. BTW I saw Abby from CQC today. Epicness. 



  1. Maybe you should bring backup food? ;)

    And give "Joe" some credit, man. And talk to his mom. Even if he forgets, his mom won't forget to bring food.