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Monday, June 4, 2012

Shady Cove Camping trip!!

Hey guys.  I just got back from a camping trip.  It was supposed to be centered on fishing.  It wasn't bad.  My patrol had joined with another patrol.  I actually kinda like the other patrol.  My second favorite maybe.  There's 2 guys (other than me and wubz) in my patrol. Little Dude, and this experienced newb.  Well, he's still at "scout" (Cmplt noob) rank, but he's been in scouts for at least half a year.  TH and TN didn't go though.  bummer.  They rock.  In the SOL, (the other patrol) there was this awesome newb dude (New to the entire troop) and his sister (THEYRE HOMESCHOOLED TOO, and this other awesome pro boss really awesome experienced guy who helped me on the falcon campout

that guy in the middle
 He's so awesome that I wouldn't mind naming him, but that would attract more general identity.I had two guys who were kind of un-legit.  then I had a really hyper active guy.  he's not bad, but he isn't the most efficient guy either.  You know this kind of guy.  Wide eyes and a crazy grin. His lastname sounds like"hedgehog", so when I call him from far away, I use "HEDGEHOG", but when I talk to him, I call him by name. We were playing Mafia, and he kept calling "Top of the marnin to ya" and "I am doctur hobbenstien", so I started calling hin Doctor Hobbenstein.
It took 45 minutes to set up, but that was mainly because I wasn't used to working with these guys, and they had their families there too. Oh  yea. it was a family campout.  The troop didn't bring enough poles to build my massive 25 pole bunker, so I just built a swing and a flagstand.  The campsite was a road, and then steep hills going down.  So the scout campsite is on one side, and the family campsite is on the other. Basically we were separated by a 25 foot hill.  It was kind of good, because the scouts couldn't keep running to their parents for stuff.  I began transporting gear to our campsite, and setting up stuff.  I assigned tents already, and me and wubz got "the command tent", which was a 5-6 person tent with excessive space.  Little dude kept demanding that I put him in command tent. 

" just becas you can say no duznt mean that yew shod."
 And I was like Aww dude shut up please you've asked me this about 15 times and I have a patrol to run with 45 hours of sunlight left.

I went over to the family side of the hill, and ate dinner. (Because friday night dinner was with family)

When I came back, I did what I usually do.  I called "Someone fill me in!!!" 
The new guy's sister said "Everyone's calling your name" :D  And I said
"When things go wrong, people like to call my name." :DD lols.

THe new guy slept in my tent because we had an odd number of people.

The next morning, We ate cereal and went fishing.  I caught nothing, :-(

 I built a swing later.
Austin, our SPL and Bison built a shelter
A problem was that they used several small tarps, and so the walls didn't connect to the floor, creating a fine entrance for the hundreds of red ants swarming the place. :D Have you ever heard someone "croon"? Well, they can.  Ah FEELL SOOO KLOSSSEEEE TO YOOOOUUU raght nowww!!! They sang it really badly. The only part I could think of was the chorus, and it got stuck in my head. The song acutally isn't bad.  

It's called Feel so Close. (no duhr)

 Anyways, We ate ham sandwiches for lunch. The other guys went boulder-climbing.  We also visited a fire a watchstation.
Then at night, we started a fire and played Mafia. 
 I narrated mostly.

At the campfire, we started telling riddles.  The new guy kept asking us  riddles from the Hobbit or the Jungle Book. "A box without key nor--"

"An egg."

 "What has no roots but---"

 "A mountain". 

"Alive without breath---"

"A fish."

"A red flower which--"


He had some pretty good ones too.

Anyways, overall, the DOC and the SOL worked pretty well together. up was really funny.  Alot of SOLers left on Sat. night. We efficiently cooked our breakfast burritos, and began packing up.  Little Dude didn't help AT ALL. He mostly spent his time running around, bothering people, and poking the fire.  I told him to roll up his tent, which was the only tent still out. He said he didn't know how to, and his mom even took him seriously.  He was off screwing around and his mom called his tent buddy over.  THis was totally a bad call, since he was helping another scout clean up a shelter he built.He didn't really do anything, and was a basic deadweight on the troop.  He also left early and ditched everyone.

le mom

                                                      little dude

Another funny thing was this person's mom ask people to ask someone else to do something. (You catch that?)  Either because she felt she had no authority, or she wanted to seem nice. (She didn't really get much of either.)  She asked me to ask someone to stop kicking pinecones, she asked the new dude's sister to ask the new dude to not climb so high on some rocks, and she asked Big Dude to ask Little Dude to help cook. (Good luck with that)

But overall, cool campout.  I enjoyed meeting the new dude and wasting my morning at the lake. -.-  NTL, it was really fun there and I enjoyed working with the SOLs.  BTW I'll find new dude a name for the next campout. :-)

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