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Sunday, June 24, 2012

It's a party in San Jose! :D

I'm in Costa Rica now! It's pretty humid over here.  It's really hot during all times of the day, but it's a mild constant hot, not baking during noon and freezing during others.  One thing that sucks is that we have constant thunderstorms, so we can't swim. It's bright and sunny during the day, but in the afternoon it rains and lightnings. The lightning hits really often.  About every 10 minutes.

Food:  Really good. I had BBQ and mango milkshakes yesterday.  We had pizzas and cokes before too.  We're going to all the old places! :D

People: Overall good.  There's some unnerving people who are directly across from each other, and they (one room of boys one room of girls ) decided to make a game of ding-dong ditching each other.  -.-  Which meant running to the other door, pounding it, then running back and slamming your door.  Which was really annoying the manager, and that made me feel bad because the manager was really nice. This one girl liked to scream for some reason.  Indoors. Over and over.  This girl also enjoyed looking up generally inappropriate words and using them in spanish.  Also they kept saying "I see what you did there." I was like:

your meme is bad and you should feel bad a

I'm trying a cool prank with a waterbottle! :d

 More later! :D

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