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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Things are looking pretty grim for my troop

:I use excessive meme faces in this post: :D

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So yesterday we had our troop elections.  We met at a marsh this time.  We wanted our meetings to be more enjoyable for the scouts. We had a short hike, and then we stopped at some benches and had our troop elections.  We elected our new Senior Patrol Leaders and Patrol Leaders.  Our new SPL is this pretty awesome guy.  He's a old DOC-er.  He was the PL when I joined the troop.  He's  medium height with light brown hair. He's one of those "cool" people.  Easygoing I think.  If you've read Ender's Game,  he's Rose de Nose.  (At least physically). He and Nose's description are similar. He isn't much for protocol or strict-ness.  :D He's cool though.  (And smarter)He promised more shooting-campouts, so I'm actually not that surprised he won. :D
Nailed it!
For Patrol Leaders.

DOC: Me!!! :D It was really an open and shut thing.

Everybody loves me! :D Well, and my opponent was the Experienced but Annoying guy I mentioned earlier.
Running around hitting people with monkey fists isn't a great campaign idea. :D

SOL: This cool dude.

He's a middle eastern guy.  He's half and half when it comes to participation.  He attends 3/4 of the meetings, but 1/9th of the campouts.  He isn't outgoing or shy. In the middle.  Great leadership skills though.

Ninja Cats: This was actually a tie.  Now, the PLs are supposed to be First Class or higher, but somehow a tenderfoot tied with a Star. I actually can't believe the Star Scout didn't sqash the newb, but most of the NJs are still squirell and are friends with mr. tenderfoot.
Star Scout

You're thinking: So far so good right?
Well,  let me continue

Pandas: THis totally incompetent 2 years without earning any rank short curly haired guy.  He swears and makes inappropriate jokes in the few meetings he attends.He doesn't spend much time trying to learn or pick up skills or stuff. He's the kind of hide-behind-the-trailer-with-this-other-friend and make inappropriate jokes person.
The panda patrol is already really unruly and disorganized.  Their last PL did a pretty good job managing them. 

Falcons: Hummphh Another tie.  Although this one may be good for me. 
Both nominees haven't been in the troop for more than 2 months.  They don't have ANY rank. At all. Nada. Zilch. Uno.  Oh wait. Uno means one doesn't it.  The two older scouts who transferred into the Falcons to help lead pulled an sleeve-and-leave.  :D (Where they get a patch and then disappear until they get the leadership requirement signed off.) One of the canidates is that guy who keeps digging around in other patrol's gear.  DUde he was digging around in my clipboard for the campsite design. With out permission. He also was digging in someone else's backpack for a flashlight he could "borrow".  The other guy is this short ruddy guy who doesn't have any experience or responsibility. Yet. :-)  Last week he was stepping on tents for fun....


However, it just came to me.  Remember little dude?  I can't get rid of him at all. No patrols wanted him either.  The patrol leaders wouldn't take'm. But now, two newb little dudes will rule the Falcons.  One of them is Little Dude's friend.Soooooo,  now that his friend is in charge of the Falcs, I can get him over there!!! :DD AWWW YEAAAAAAA!!!

I need 3 permissions
  • Mine (leaving my patrol) (easy)
  • His (Getting trasferred) (he already wants to)
  • The other Patrol Leader (Accepting him. ) (the guy who steps on tents wants him, but I'm not sure about the other guy.)
Still a close call.,  my mom invited Little Dude's family over for Sunday Night Small Group Bible Study thing. Yea. Big Dude, Little Dude, and their parents.  I don't mind their parents that much, but their mom buys everything little dude says. (metaphorically)


Oh  yea. They accepted the invite. They are coming....
Yea. More next time. :-)

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