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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Falcon Campout

 IT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME. That's a summary.  The ride there was pretty bumpy and steep. I got the five attending members of the DOC riding in my dad's car. Me, Wubz, TN, TH, and Little Dude.  I cut a ton of sugarcanes to bring.  My plan was to build a perimeter around my camp.  However, the campsite was a little different than I expected. There was a path leading into the campsite.  On the left of the start of the path, there was the bathroom.  Then, a few feet farther and behind a bush, I saved a space for my patrol.  There was a oak tree a feet yards down.  The spot was a small open half-circle ground with forest and bushes behind it.  The first day was sunny. However, on the next day, the campsite was literally INSIDE a cloud.  Fog was constantly rolling through the camp and cutting off vision at about 150ft. At night, the fog glowed from a car's lights and the fog was rolling right after an explosion with broad beams of white light permeating through the heavenly daze of mist and fog.  Yea. That awesome.

Day 1
I set up a tripod with the DOC flag on the half-circle spot.  Then, after half an hour of pwning, the entire DOC campsite was up.  I'm starting to like my patrol now. We're super efficient and awesome.  Except one person.  Guess who?  Well, actually, I finally found a use for little dude!!!  You see, the campsite is rather large, with over 100ft between each patrol site.  And, yelling "HEY EV ANNNN   OVERRR HHEAERRREEEEE!!!!!!"   isn't the most effective way to communicate. I realized that Little Dude had enough energy to run 500ft between the Panda and DOC campsite while carrying conversation.  loljknr.  But still, all I had to do was say" Hey Little Dude, tell SPL that the DOC is ready to .derp." TH and TN are really awesome.  They're brothers.  TN was the grubmaster for the campout.  I was trying to prove that brothers work well together, but Little Dude and Big Dude blew my study out of the water. :(

On saturday, the patrols did Camporee prep.  Another example of DOC Pwning was that we finished setting up, eating, and cleaning up before the Falcon patrol got up. :P We did knot tying stations, shelter building, orienteering, and fire starting. BTW Little dude had NOTHING to do with the DOC pwningness.  He was wandering around and playing while we did those.

awesome boss
even more awesome boss
I made an experimental spear with sugarcane.  I spent most of the later afternoon building things with TH.  And I mean really building.  WHat's the best thing you've ever built? A shelf?  A house? A bed? A swing? :D Well, with help of RH, the awesome dude, my patrol build a barricade, a fence WITH an opening gate, a trip wire, and a swing.  Well, the tripwire backfired when RH tripped on it while leaving our campsite. :P At the flag retiring formation, a scout mentioned "a tiny chance of a little bit of drizzle at 3am in the morning"  Unfortunately, the torrential downpour that followed 9 hours early took us completely by surprise. My patrol had already packed up our camp and covered our food supplies, but we still had some stuff to do. I covered the flag with a tarp, and then headed down to the campfire.
The gate which can open and close

Check out our stuff!

On sunday, the water had made the ropes expand, making our fence and swings almost impossible to untie. ,'-( Okay.
Campsite at the end
See the x fence that the awesome dude from the other patrol is working on?

Alright.  TIme for a rant against Little Dude.
 On friday, Little Dude kept asking "Whats fhor dhinner?"even though we were supposed to bring sack dinners. He went around bragging about what the DOC did even though he had no part in it.  He brought a plastic disposable grubkit. All he did was say "Can I eat now?" Wheres the food?" He did NOTHING for the DOC ALL DAYY.  He lists his "acheivemients" in attempts to impress the troop with his hard work.  "I did my dish."  I coiled THWEE ropes already" "I helped other people".  The patrol would have been unaffected (if not better) if he didn't come to the campout.  At dinner, I told him to finish cleaning up before he could eat any oreos.  So, he sat in front of the table and got in our way as much as he could before I exiled him from the patrol site for 10 minutes.  BTW If you forgot what he looks like, he's a short midget who's hyper active and dumb. DD:<  He's older than Wubz, but waaaayyyyy lessss awesome.  He has NO merit badges OR rank requirements yet even though he's been in the troop for 3 months already. (In my first month, I was tenderfoot, In my 2nd, I was already second class).  He constantly fights with his brother even though his parents have gone through a TON of trouble to seperate them.  They keep breaking into fights in public. At the end of the campout, Big Dude called Little Dude an idiot, and Little Dude exploded and started bawling and crying and made a ENORMOUS scene. Mr Bradford, our Scoutmaster, told Big Dude to apologize, but he refused for almost 3 minutes.  Meanwhile, their dad just sat by and did NOTHING.  AT ALL. DD:<

Here's more pics and vids.
really opened gate

Opened gate

The tripwire is on the right of the fence

 See the tripwire? :D I spent about 15 minutes making it.

 Oh well.  Pretty aweosme campout though. :) More next time! :D Sorry I don't have vids. I'll make a new post with some maybe.

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