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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Yesterday and the day before

I missed the Joshua Tree camp out.  :-(   BTW for those of you who don't know, Joshua tree has SHOTGUN SHOOTING YAAAAY  Basically, a trap(a disk launcher) chuks clay pidgeons (Actually clay frisbees) and BOOM     You blow it up. :D  It's super fun.  The only downside is that the gun is uber heavy when you're holding it out, and it takes like a minute just to reload 1 shot.

|_________________,----------._ [____]  ""-,__  __....-----=====
               (_(||||||||||||)___________/   ""                |
                  `----------' Krogg98[ ))"-,                   |
                                       ""    `,  _,--....___    |
                                               `/           """"
Rifle shooting is alot more calm.  You sit on this bench and shoot at targets over 50yrds.  At summer camp, this noobie dude said "THATS EASIE".  Unfortunately, you know those sniper computer cheap click and shoot games?  Those are a complete LIE.

Your rifle moves whether you want it to or not.  We also use bolt action. (Duh) For those of you who seriously think people use clips, :P
Believe it or not, there is a difference between a RIFLE and a SNIPER RIFLE
internet memes - Gunspert? What's That Even Called?BTW hey people, y do u think the shell drops out of the gun slowly?
Also false.  BOOOM  -   <-shell
When you fire, the shell explodes out the side, hitting any unlucky bystanders.
I mean like, there's these kids who play shooting games and then consider themselves professionals for knowing "ak47 m16 wellinton glock  [(letter)(number)]   p39 b21 bleh bleh bleh"

Meanwhile... :D
One of my patrol members tripped during last week's camp out, and he got a bruise.  We had a Court of Honor yesterday, where people recieve awards GAAAH I always spell receive wrong.

A while ago, one of our troop adult walked on stage and began talking about how people move on and stufff.  I knew what was coming and I thought "Not good"

Unfortunately, my scoutmaster, Mr. Charles, got a new job far away,  he isn't moving, but he will be less active in Boyscouts.  Mr, Bradford, another adult, was going to take his place.  And when she announced Mr. Charles was stepping down,  it was a bittersweet moment.  Mr Charles and Mr Bradford were both present.
Scouts clapped, and it was real applause.  Not like the type that you give after your cousin sings "I'm a little teapot"  it was inspired applause.  Mr. Charles has been scoutmaster of my troop for 4 years, and he was an inspiration to EVERYBODY.  He has a way of getting my troop to work.  If he was present, LOTS of things got done.  He isn't leaving the troop, but he won't show up for a bunch of meetings. :-(
At the CoH, was presented with a plaque honoring his service to our troop.  When people clapped again, The troop gave him standing ovation! Well, except for no-soup-in-a-buffet-sleeping and reading in class Big Dude.  He was reading this book, and HE DIDNT CLAP OR STANDUP!!!! I WAS LIKE BIG DUDE WHATS YOUR PROBLEM!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? !?!?! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRGGGGGG mean, HE WAS SITTING IN THE FRONT ROW!!! EVEN HIS BROTHER, LITTLE DUDE STOOD UP.  THIS MAN ON STAGE HAS GIVING ALMOST A YEAR OF HIS LIFE(3 hrs a meeting with 3 day campouts each month for almost five years) TO YOUR TROOP!!!!!!! I kicked his chair, and he was like?? Wat"? I mean at least Big Dude could look up from his book. :',-(

Anywayz.... Whats up? I'm working on a post of my recollections from 2 years ago in Costa Rica on a mission trip.  We're going again this year. :-)

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