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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Starwars Wars The spoof wars

You starwars fans will LOVE this.  Especially you who like TCW.
There are 5 episodes.  They are REALLY funny.  Warning: swearing.   Lots of music and songs. :D

I watched all of them at once.  :D

Parodying the Shadow of the Malevolence.
Silent treatment.  MMMPH
Grievous has some problem with Dooku
lol.  Funny start.  Watch the whole thing!

Parodying "Ambush"
Love it how they just break into music.  :P
"Use that cliff sheltering a village!"
Bleh Bleh phhhhttttt

#3 and  Parodying Downfall of a Droid

Insanely epic music at the beginning of this one.
Don't you love it how they break into Where is the Love
on that last one? :-D

Unfortunately, the dude who owns this disabled embedding, so you have to visit it yourself.

#5 Parodying Destroy the Malevolence
Grievous decides to earn respect of the Jedi by destroying the elusive Darth Won.
Obiwan mysteriously has his force power replaced by magnets.

Hope you enjoyed it! :D

1 comment:

  1. The spoofs were really funny! I loved the humor and the music(they have good taste).
    Thanks for sharing :)