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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I got tagged. (11)

Since I'm kinda new at this, I had no idea what what even going on until I read about 5 other blogs. :D Here it goes:

1.  I will eat anything. I'm not much of a picky eater, and I'll eat whatever is put on my plate.

2. I'm really good at a couple things.
SUPRISE right? :P  It kinda sucks, You see, when I was smaller, we used to play tag alot.  Like everyday.  I can run super fast.  Don't ask me how. I'm about 10 lbs lighter than most kids my age though.  Anyways, I'm also really good with a nerf sword.  I play with my brother about everyday, and I win every time. :D
It's great that he still likes it though. BTW we play large-scale swords.  (minus the horses).   We have theses massive pillow clubs with pillow armor and pillow shields and pillow maces.  The rule is that if a pillow hits you in the face or stomach, that counts as half a life.  I tied a beanie-baby onto a blanket, and then another extension.  I designed it so it would snap OVER the opponent's shield
So when he    ^ blocked the first segment, the second segment would swing around and hit him.  :DD  We also fold paper throwing knives and shrieks.  (Actually shruikens but that takes too long so we just call them "shrieks"  They count as mini-swords.  Super fun! Anyways,

3.  I've been to Costa Rica. I'm going again for a mission trip this summer.

“In the farthest corner of America lies the nation’s largest swamp. A hidden world, where nature rules, and man,  fights back. Welcome to the swamp.”
(summon awesome theme song)

I'll do a post on this TV show later. 
It's my second favorite(Next to TCW).
An alligator hunting show.   WAAAAY better than Dance Moms.  (From a boy's perspective.duuhhhh). :D
I highly encourage you to watch it.  Bummer. THere's alot of swearing.  You can't really blame them when 13-foot alligators are snapping at you. :P  The directors do a really good job bleeping out the foul words.  THere's some blood and animal lovers won't like this.:P  You can watch all 3 seasons free here.  Season 3 is coming out right now on thursdays. The latest episode. It only has two of the old hunters though.  And it doesn't have my favorites.  Oh well.:D  Next week will probably have them. 

5.  I plan to make dutch oven cheesecake at a campout.  Not sure which one. 

6.  I lLOVE bugs.  There was this time in a mexico mission trip, where we found this SCORPION.  And this other time in costa rica, we taped a cockroach to this really awesome girl's back, and then she went into the dormitories!!! :DDDDD

7. i love practical jokes.

8.  I suck at FPS games.

9.  I like hiking and active sports.

J&J's questions:
yup nope nope yup yes kinda don't like snakes starwars or harrypotter no i'mhomescooledCostaRIca Yess nothissummrt yes.

Lol srry kinda short on time. I've never really met a bully. I'm going to costa rica this summer.  I like snakes. 

Can't think of anyone to tag.  :D

Gotta go!! bye. I'll do a Costa Rica Memoir soon.


  1. Swamp People is awesome! One of my favorite shows, "YA YA YA YA!" (Troy quote)! I am glad to see a Swamp People fan on blogger.