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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This page has been intentionally left blank:STAR test paradox

This post has been intentionally left blank.  Well, now it's not blank. But before I put this here it was blank... Hmm. Maybe I should remove this.  But then this post WILL be blank.  That's weird.   So yea. If you're reading this, this was left empty on purpose.  Well, partially blank at least. They should say this page was intentionally left partially blank. Or is that partially full? ... That is kinda confusing.  I mean, is it half full or half empty? Something to question. Great. I have a paragraph on a page that's supposed to be empty. Well. Wouldn't have been empty anyways. Even without text there's that code stuff on the bottom of the page.  Ya know, if I wanted the post to be empty, then I should just stop writing---

     As you know, the STAR test, or finals are coming up.  Don't you wonder why they intentionally leave things blank???


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  1. In case no one realized then half full and half empty is the same thing :P