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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Random pics: monkey's fist, mods, and others

Random followup pics. I took a few pictures of things that might be interesting, and I posted them below.

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    First thing first.  The most easy mav mod ever.

    This is my pet spider's "cage".  He's actually just a bug i give ants to.

    My unbelievably messy desk.  I store my legos, comix, and nerf guns all here. You can see a  nerf deploy and a firefly. i have a bunch of unpublished comics as you can see.

     Monkey's Fist

    These take hours to teach or learn so If you're going on a long car ride (like I am)  then you can learn or tie these.

    Gonna teach amarithine this for girlscouts

    These are very prestigious knots. 

    I just cracked off the back and added a seal to the plunger.

  •   Press ctrl-A then scroll down.

  • Just do it!!!
     Thank you. :P

    now unselect.

    HA! :) 



    1. XD your desk is messy. :P THe knot is cool though. ;)
      Amaranthine should post pictures of hers when she makes it. XP