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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Speedload 6!! YAHOO!!!!!@!YAY YAY

I Finnally got my speedload. Review and movies after the break.

A really sweet weapon.  Be sure to carry extra ammo in your pocket when using it.  It runs out of ammo fast!

My bro got one as well.   It came in this box. 

It's really big. You'd be surprised.

Loading it

This is a old bullet but it still shoots really far. about 25-30 feet
I played with some friends and it worked pretty well.Remember to pick up ammo you find. It's easy to reload even while holding ammo cause it's easy to reload until you run out of ammo and have to run for it. :-) When that happens then: 
  1. Your teammates die
  2. They pick up all the ammo


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  1. Sorry about the bad video quality. I filmed this at night.