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Saturday, January 26, 2013


Hello readers!!!

I must say that I regret for not posting for a while.  Well, if you're looking for an explanation, then:  My google account ran out of storage space:.  That basically means I can't upload any pictures.  HOWEVER, I was advised to make a new account JUST to upload pictures and then I could C/P them here.  :-)

Let's see what I've done for these past few months...

Life Scout and SPL
 Ah yes,  I've just scheduled a Board of Review (a test) for Life Scout!! (Next up, Eagle)  It's the one with the heart.
 File:Boy Scouting ranks (Boy Scouts of America).png
 ALSO I was elected Senior Patrol Leader for my troop!!
(Like president except a lot more.)
Job description:
Run and plan:
Meetings, events, campouts, and new scout divisions.
 Bear in mind that there are meetings every week and events and campouts each month.  NTL, I enjoy doing so and I am happy to be elected.  Well, I was going to be the only candidate but for the heck of bureaucracy, they threw in another candidate. 
Went to San Fransisco to visit cousins. For christmas
 It was awesome!! We spent most of the day playing VIP assasination with nerf guns.  There was a VIP and a bunch of assasins and civilians and stuffs.
 Our aunt bought us Jolts!  They're these single shot compact pistols.  Really good too.

Saw Les Mis

Yellow Belt
Made it to yellow belt!! the third rank.  Learning sidekicks now! :D

Finally masted kipups.

That's all for now.  I'm planning to post more often.  :-)


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  1. Congrats on ranking up in Boy Scouts and which ever martial art you are doing. :) Glad to you're back.