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Friday, November 23, 2012

Awesome TRICKset video (stunts and martial arts)

Hello.  Happy Thanksgiving.  How's it going? :-P

Let's see.  I spent a fine amount of time writing a persuasive essay.  I worked on TKD moves and a couple more things.  :D There's this thing called "Tricking" and it's like parkour and martial art stunts. 

I've been trying a couple of these.  This guy is really awesome.   He does tutorials and classes and performances. 

It's really awesome.  Seriously watch it.  It's a music vid.

I'm running for SPL in my troop. Really awesome stuff.  On my last campout, I went mountain climbing.  Those tall hillish mountains.  With huge boulders and plants.  We trailblazer and climbed up.  :-) 

We played nerf at our Thanksgiving party.  Epic hall battle.

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