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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Biking trip! Downhill! Both ways! (No seriously) weekend, my troop is going backpacking.  However, the trail is for biking AND hiking, and we have bike bags that can carry gear.  Details: 1 night.  How can I go downhill both ways? Easy.  Portals you dummy. XD Just kidding. See, the campsite is a couple miles from the beach,  and the campsite is a couple miles from the mountains where the trail starts. The beach is obviously lower than the mountains and the campground.  So, the troop will backpack down to the site, then the next day, some adults will hike back and drive down to the beach, while the scouts backpack down to the beach.

I've geared up my bike. I still haven't gotten my wooden bear trap cut yet.  I had a essay to do over the weekend. :-(

The problem is, that even though the general direction is down, the troll path designers have made it so you go uUUP and then DOoown rather than motorcycle-biking down :)

I'll post pictures later.  My dad installed a bikerack on the back of my bike (above my back tire) so I can hang gear off the left and right side. 

I'll put my sleeping pack on top with the tent and my food, then on the left side I'll put my three nalgenes in the left side, and my clothes and 10 essentials on the left side.

I'm packing real light. No fan or flares or signal ballon thingies.  Believe me, when you've backpacked for 5 hours, every ounce counts, and you can tell if there's a beetle perched on your pack.

Alright.  HAve some funny memes.

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  1. you're in boy scouts? i wish i was