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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bear Trap

You know the traps in those wild west/ Indian movies? (And mentioned in THG[ the trap that leaves your enemies hanging by their ankle])
They're called spring and trigger traps or something. 
First, I am planning to build a large-scale one of these.  I've made a model out of cardboard pipes.   My dad said he'd help me carve out a larger, wood trigger.These are supposed to be used to hunt squirrels, but I don't wanna and it's illegal in some areas.  I hope scout-trapping isn't illegal. :-)  THe heavier the weight and the more distance it has means more SNAP to it.  I plan to use a 10lb-ish weight.  Any larger could chuck away smaller scouts. :)  I have pics of mine on the bottom.
This is the type i'm making. :-)
OH YEA ONE MORE THING. SOMETHING AWESOME HAPPENED YESTERDAY. We went out to eat with some friends who are staying over, and we went to this $1.50 Japanese store.  AHHH MAI EYESSS TOO PINK  BWAHHH You know what Japan is like. So anyways I'm walking around and I have no idea what I'm doing here.
Wat? Hey look!

COOLLL.  WAAHWW!! AWesome! I bought 3 and wubz bought 2. :P  Can't wait to use these during a campout!! I can use it to clear my campsite.  of scouts!! :D

Back to my trap. :)  modified the design so that pulling on the rope wouldn't damage the trigger.  Here are some technical videos I used a snoglobe to weigh down the hook. :DD Remember that I am building a real one and these are just concepts. (Notice I pull on the weights to get the noose to tighten) :-)
P.S The "yesterdays" and "tomorrows" in this are out of date. :-)

The overall design

the trigger and hook
My modification to the design

These are concept only. :-) Can't wait to get the full model working.
Here's a closeup of the hook and trigger


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