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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bike accident

Regular life, The usual. School.  Piano.  Taekwondo.  Sleep.  Argh yesterday I had a bike accident.  I slipped on my new road bike, and lost a few chunks of elbow. :-(

I was biking along, and I was crossing the road, when my bike skidded off the side of a road drain.  I crashed in front of a car, and so I quickly dragged my bike off the road and was like "i'm fine." Heck yea I still went to my TKD class.
How I felt
How I looked
How I was

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  1. I’m a little amazed with how you were still able to go to your TKD class. But I’m glad that you are okay. And you surely have a unique way of relating your story. Well, these things happen unexpectedly. And maybe one way to deal with it was to make light of the situation. Bike safely!