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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My latest escapade. (A story)

At Camporee, there are no permanent anythings.  The only structures there are trees and outhouses with non-flushing toilets.  They're those "plastic toilet with a hole deep in the ground type. There's a cone shaped upper toilet, and a hole that really stinks. Really.  THe design is terrible.  There are two plastic tubes at about floor-level between the top of the toilet and the giant pit beneath. I guess the tubes are to keep stuff from falling in, so that makes them slightly justifiable. Well, add a new substance to the equation.  Pranksters. Little pranksters.  About 11 year olds.  They built a "floor" in the toilet by unwrapping and dumping 5 rolls of TP between the two bars.  I mean, 1 layer of toilet paper can easily be broken through, but 50!?!?!?!  The result is about the same as putting a mesh net with paper towels in your toilet.  And remember that about 50 people use it EVERY HOUR.  DD:< 

And that brings me to the next part of the story.  You see, after 3 hours, the outhouses were REALLY gross.  Fortunately, there were also porta-potties set up.  Because of the annoying weblos people, I'd taken to using only the porta-potties.   Well, one problem always seems to bring up another.  I decided to swing by a portapotty on the way back to camp.  As soon as I closed the door, some kid started pounding on the porta potty. Really.  Katonkity tonkity tonk!!!! I can imagine him waltzing around the blue structure pounding on the walls.  I saw prime opportunity, and kicked open the door as he was coming around! :DD Unfortunately, I forgot to unlock the door(because that would tip him off), and at the last second I flipped the lock and busted the door open! That costed me a second, and he took off around the back, but not before giving me a full scan of his face.  He was one of those mischievous but not dangerous kids.

Now is a good time for "Ha ha John. Oh wait. you're not john. woops. sorry." -.- Obviously he wasn't too bright as he started pounding literally as soon as I got inside, removing the point of pounding on a portapotty, and making the situation as if he was pounding on a tent. (Did you catch that?) :D

Anyways, I decided that chasing him would be safe and worth it, as he had that "oh crap im dead cuz i bothered this kid a foot taller than me and he knows what i look like and so now im ded."  Obviously, taking off running was a really bad idea too, because we were in a light crowd, and I only had a light idea of his face.  I'm really fast at short range sprints.  I can speed for about 100 yards before running out of stamina. Anyways, I didn't even need to run that fast because he had no where to go.  We were on a small field between a hill and our campsites.  Obviously, running back to his campsite was a terrible idea as that would lead me to the only people who could actually do squat to him.  I took off in a light jog.  lol the look on his face was hilarious.  Also, I noticed how quickly his "friend" left him when I came after him.  It's a bummer that his friend forgot to take his 60 pack of oreos with him.

It was a 25ish yard tack down.  He ran between two campsites. Every here and there he looked back to see if I was still there.  I was actually interested where he would go after he ran out of area.  However, he caught on to this a few minutes after I did, and so he stopped and surrendered.  I decided not to turn him in and to be a little nicer since he decided to surrender.  After I caught up with him, I nabbed a couple of oreos and then grinned and headed back to camp. :D The thing I consider the most successful is that as far as I know, he stopped kicking porta potties, which is good. :-)

Update on my patrol: We have a few new" members.
On camporee, the DOC had:
4 pros; 1 really awesome guy who needs experience; 3 newbs; 1 experienced guy who is really annoying and 2 noobs.   
Here's the twist.  the newbs speak no english.  The really awesome guy is bilingual.  THe really awesome guy is a really buff.  He's really on task too, so he helped me out a lot.  The noobs are a deadbeat when they're inactive.  It gets worse when they are active.  If I could give every one efficiency points, I would give pros 4, AGWNEs 2, newbs 1, and noobs -2. :P  Also, TN was absent at this campout.

Little Dude got sick.  He threw up in the middle of the night after gorging on mcdonalds.  I kind of saw it coming, because he isn't very mentally or physically healthy. And he has no conviction to.  I'm actually suprised that he hasn't gotten sick before.  In the morning, I built a swing but the EGWIRA took it down to build something for the troop that got taken down 15 minutes after.  Anyways, we had breakfast burritos with eggs and bacon. Little dude told me "It's made of everything I hate."  And everyone was thinking "You're everything we hate." . :D lol. He kept complaining about being sick, even though he still bothered people just the same. I'm not sure if I responded right, because I couldn't tell if he was actually sick or not.  THe sick part could probably be attributed to drinking lemonade and not a single drop of water in 90 degrees. Later, while my patrol was in line to take another 'exam', he kept saying:

"wahh im sick but if i go back to camp then i might get in trouble and i don't want to make the adults disappionted and i only will drink lemonade because its the same as water and this energy drink is the same as water so i will drink that instead even though it doesn't seem to be helping and if i say im sick i might get in trouble so ill just stay out here and thensm kemmlds ejioajfmlfkwlmk innmjo."

In the end, his parents came and took him home.  DUDE he left a mess in his tent. He cleaned up most of the puke, but he left his Mcdonalds and personal gear behind. Vietnam Tomahawk - SOG Specialty KnivesHmm.. THis post is getting too long. Short summary.  I did shotgun shooting, Tomahawk throwing, archery, and BB gun shooting.  The shotguns were long barrel, but I'm used to short from summer camp.  Dude they were really heavy.  I mean like I could hold one for the first 5 shots, but my arms were getting really tired. We shoot at these->. You can't lower the gun.  You have to hold it forwards all the time.  The archery was fun too.  THe first time I kept overshooting.  THe second time I made a bullseye and a 2nd layer. :DD Tomahawk throwing was just hucking the hawk into a stump.  There was no official target.  I'm actually pretty good at it. :P This other guy was REALLY good. I mean like baseball-windup good. Ok. gotta go now. :-)
The type of gun I'm used to
The type they used

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