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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Le Hunger Games

I just biked back from the theater where I saw it. Pretty good movie.  Gale looks really un-awesome.  Cesaer Flickerman is my favorite guy. Just kidding.  But he's the only person who you can count on to be awesome.
tThis post is really opinoinated and un-factual)
 Spoiler warning:
Awesome stuff-
Almost everything.  The movie cinematography is really good.  It's a bummer that most if not all of the book is in 1st person.  Like in Harry Potter, the story is in complete 3P with almost no significant 1p parts. Meanwhile, THG is completely in 1st person for every second of the book.  There's as much blood in the movie as there is in the book. Not much.  Although some of the people in the movie were inexplicably stupid.  Well first, in the beginning, Gale scares off a deer even though he isn't supposed to have eaten for about a day.  In the arena, Katniss is about 20 feet off the ground as she climbs away from the Careers.  Their arrows are only a couple inches off, and if they kept shooting, they would have hit her.  They could have knocked her down by throwing a water bottle. :P  Also, when Rue gets caught in the net, she has no reason to panic, as the careers should be back at their camp blowing up at each other. (Pun intended).  So, screaming for 'help' isn't going to get her much, as there is no present/obvious danger to her. Also, they stick around after Rue is freed, and they sit themselves into a trap. Yelling for help and then hoping no one but Katniss heard it` isn't a very good idea.

Stuff that was kind of lame: Well, they drop a lot of unnecessary h and d words.  Rue is way awesomer in the book.  In the movie, she mainly acts as Katniss's assistant, and she doesn't say much either. Overall pretty good movie.  Well, it was nothing like the book. Watch these videos about movies. And watch the awesome Hunger Games music video on the side bar! <---

Woahhh They are butchering the book!


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