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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sup guys! :D

Sorry I haven't posted much.  I have lots of stuff to talk about, but no time as I'm in a massive family reunion.  I went to a motorcycling class today.  It was kinda tough, but fun.  :-)

HILARIOUS VID. Warning, several bad words and a bleep. :-(

 Neville's Birthday.  Me and my cousins sing the song at the end literally every hour.  :-)
~ooooooooooooooooo HappyHogwartsBirthday-MagicWizardParty-FunWizardHappyBirthdayFunFunFunFun-MagicFlavorBirthdayCake-WizardWishesYouWillMake~

And both Tarpals and Jar Jar (my cousins)  will leave comments saying "Of course we did"

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