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Friday, December 9, 2011

Braces Off!!! :D

Yeaaa!! It was long and tedious, but they removed my braces yesterday.  I immediately began chomping down on my old favorites.  :)  Carrots.  Nuts.  Gum.  ARRR NARR NARR OMMM NOOM .....

Meanwhile, after you get your braces off, the ortho takes your picture and records what you think "It feels like" on a tackboard. 

I was thinking about asking you guys what to say, but i never got to it. 

What I was thinking:

"It feels like..."
  • I just walked into Mordor
  • I could take on the whole empire right now
  • I just blew up the death star
  • I was chewing on Styrofoam for a year
  • Someone just bought me a cheezcake
 I went with "It feels like someone bought me a cheezcake".  :D

That's all for now. :) 
Except this hilarious fail gif. :)

Ninja Vs Police Gif - Ninja Vs. Police
Ninja v police :D

1 comment:

  1. i use to have braces, 2. glad they're off. don't like my retainer very much either. :)