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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Me summing up my family reunion

Day 1

In about 5 pm, my cousins, Tarpals and Jar Jar pulled up in their mini-van.  I quickly jetted upstairs and ran up to the front window with my Speedload pistol.  Unfortunately, he had a Vulcan and full duck-tape armor.  I thought "We're gonna need a little more firepower for this. :D

Days 2-4

My grandma lives nearby, so at about 7:30am, we headed up to her house.  However, she didn't like legos or nerf, leaving us with a few options for activities.  The 1st 2 days weren't bad.  We played board games.  However, the situation continued to worsen.  Soon, having exhausted most activities, we resorted to hanging around and napping.  However, every day,  we went there at about 7 am, then stayed there for the rest of the day.  Eating lunch and dinner.  We spent almost all day there.  I was mostly reading old Reader's Digests and playing Mini Militia on my other cousin's Iphone.  We did this for almost 9 hours a day.  Jar Jar is awesome.  (He's sitting behind me) I was going to say something else, but he got a really nasty look on his face.   He's gonna leave a comment on this saying "DUUUDDE".  He should totally get a blog. 

Sometimes one of my cousins would flip out and just throw anything he could at me, including a chair and a cardboard box.  Also, everyone got sick of Tarpal's and my antics, and voted us off the pingpong table.  :( 

Day 5

We listen to Percy Jackson The Sea of Monsters.  We went to my grandma's house and played more Mini Militia.  (great game BTW)'

Day 6 (Christmas) 

We went to church, then ate lunch at my grandma's house, but fortunately, we opened presents at my house.  We set up a massive ambush which I wrote about earlier, but the ambushee got up the stairs before one of our ambushers, so we were looking really stupid just firing off nerf bullets.

Also, he took Wubz hostage, preventing us from blasting him from the top of the stairs over long range.

I got some t-shirts, painting prints, a fan 
 pack, and some air.  :(
I got a vigilon, but earlier.  :)

Day 7

We went to my grandma's house, and I read a bunch more old magazines, and played Killer Bunnies.  (I'll do a post on that later)

Another eventless day at my grandma's house


We drove to this sandy area, and had a motorcycling class. ( I'll do a post on that later as well. :D

Day 9

We ate dinner at my house (FINALLY) and had  a blast. Pun intended. :D We played this game called "Stormtroopers VS Rebels" which I will post on later,
it involves a team of people raiding a room with nerf gunz. :D
Bummer.  One cousin totally flipped out again.  There's this thing, which would take the place of "meh".  He sticks his tongue out and makes this farting noise while sending massive sprays of gooey gross saliva everywhere.
Uber gross, and he did it in my face.  Twice. DD:<

We made gingerbread cookies.

Day 10 (today)

As the last day with my cousins, we went to the beach in the morning.  Then we went swimming.  We had EggNogg!!!! YUEAAAHH!HH OHYEA1!!! BEST DRI NK ever.   :D.   And so here I am, with my cousins over my shoulder, at my grandma's house typing out this post

 Personally, I wish I spent more time at my house. Nothing against my grandma, Just i spent alot of time there reading old magazines half-heartedly.  We didn't have a chance to play Ultimate Frissbee, or a all-cousin round of killer bunnies as I hoped. 

It's nice that my Grandma lets us eat at her house.

No offence to the person who keeps flipping out and spitting in my face. :)

I found a lego Jango Fett at the playground.  

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  1. I would like to say that I am neither the flipper-outer nor the fart-spit-sprayer.