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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rant: A new kind of racism

A week ago, a tornado went through a Boy Scout camp.  4 people dead, and 48 injured.  The camp they were at did not have any buildings nearby.  The tornado had been completely unexpected.  So why were people laughing in the comments? Why did people think it was the Troop's fault that the camping ground didn't have a shelter? Why do people mock scouts who are TRYING to Be Prepared?  If they were in that situation, what would they have done? Half the troop was out hiking. they were defenseless. 

And there's alot of people who dislike scouts because of a previous experience with someone in a tan uniform.  Like people, all scouts are different.  In fact, scouts are people.  Scouts are humans.  We are just like people.  We're a group of people who want to improve ourselves.  Yes, we have a reputation, but each troop is a new thing.  And each scout is different.  When we went cave camping, rude people had carved their initials into the rocks.  I noticed a 50 year old lady carve her name into the rocks.  The place had garbage in several places.  We had a garbage sweep and cleaned the place up.  My un satisfied scoutmaster told us  "There are people coming down.  It's the morning.  Everything left here will be blamed on the Boy Scouts of America.  I know most of the garbage isn't yours.   We don't carry these. (Holds up a coke bottle) but it's an unfair world."

Unfortunately,  I must concur with some of the scout- haters.  During a campout,  the troop was cussing, yellin, and goofing off.  No one told any of the adults.  (Fortunately I wasn't there) But it did make my Board of Review tougher...) Anyways, yes.  We stock jerks too.  But Scouts are not picked.  They join by choice, and we try to work with them. 

Yes. It is an unfair world.   We strive to be Prepared.  No mature scout has said that their troop is completely prepared.  Billions of things could happen any second.  No one can prepare for all of them.  However, these wonderful scouts have shown wonderful and almost heroic efforts.  Not only to help htemselves, but to help others. That's a good troop.


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