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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rant: Be patient

As you know,  I'm a boyscout, and for service hours, I was charged with checking the inflatables. Just like the one above.  Easy job right?  Heck no!  First, the line was super long.  The same kids kept going again. And the line went on and on and on.. And it goes on and on and on.... nevermind. However, the worst part was the people.

The "volunteers".   Sounds good right. Nien.  German for no.  They were some cheap little kids who had police stickers.  They camped in the already overcrowded bouncer, cut lines, and they kept going SIX at a time.  Because of course, they were a "group of volunteers" so they had to go together of course.  They were really irritating.  This girl even walked up to me and asked how to get "In charge".  There is a difference between power-hungry and actual volunteers.

The kids. The Whole goal of the bouncers. Right?  However, I was disappointed.  The kids were just in a hurry to get to the front of the line.  The bouncer was crowded, so we had to take time to let people in slowly.  The kids obviously woke up on the wrong side of bed that Friday morning.
TO burn time, we would ask math questions...

Me: Whats 4 +3?
2nd grader: Uhhh You're stupid.

Kid:"OMG!! CAN I GO???"
Me: "OMG you can't."

--Line jumper trying to jump into those holes that start the obstacle course
He would just dive in past me, often kicking me in the face.

There were also angry baby sitting parents.  They would walk up to me and say "Hey, you! My kid got cut"  "Hey that kid is cutting!'' "Hey the bouncer is too crowded"  I got yelled at by 17 people.

BOTTOM LINE: Be patient.  Cut us some slack eh? :-)

But there was this one guy.  Parker was his name.  Great guy. He stuck around and helped me out.  I seriously needed it.  He even stuck around to help pick up recyclables after the bouncers closed.  We stuck around until 7:00 PM and cleaned up.  Well folks, that speaks for itself.  The best jobs are the ones that get no credit.  God sees what is done when nobody else is watching, and rewards you.  Thanks Parker.  I owe you one.



  1. Sounds horrible !

  2. I'm so sorry about the rude people.