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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Advice: STAY CALM!

I found this on the news.  A gunfight erupted near a school where 5 people were shot.  However, A teacher managed to keep her 5th grade students safe and calm.  While the kids were probably not aware of the danger, their calmness may have saved them.  Well folks, Just remember that if ANYTHING dangerous happens, STAY CALM AND THINK!!   .

Panicking won't help.  Neither will fear.  I've set grass on fire, incinerated bacon, and seen wild renegade rattlesnakes.  All types of poisonous beetles have landed on me at campouts.  When things happen, your goal is to survive. Not think about ways to die.   If a new "Antispyware ad keeps popping up and saying that your computer is infected, THINK FIRST!  Don't just download anything out of panic. 

In most situations, you'll get hurt a little at worst.  So what if a wasp stings you? Ok. It does hurt.  But you won't die unless you're allergic.  And nowdays, people rarely die from bee stings as they carry medicine pens to prevent shock.  

(Being calm will help your heart rate stay steady)   

God will protect you, so there is no need to worry.  I mean, If God wants me to die, who am I to stand in the way?

Bottom line: Stay calm no matter what.
There is NO excuse to panic.

Although recording the situation on her cell was not the best idea. 

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  1. You're right, the best thing to do is to stay calm. That is excellent advice.