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Monday, May 5, 2014

Rant: Who's watching you? - Line-cutters

Before I get into this, let me start by saying that this is a rant, and there isn't going to be a philosophical light bulb buried here. I'll probably follow up with another with actual lessons in it.

So, this Sunday, our church had a celebration week with catered taco stands and cookies and lots of fun stuff.  The events and services were pretty specific,and logically, there was a massive crowd in between services, which led to longer lines as well.  When the services got out, in addition to the regular attenders, the SLs and leaders got out too.
After a brief discussion whether to wait or return later, I found the back of the line and began the wait.

Now, when you're standing in line, there isn't much to do except hang around and watch stuff going on.  About this time, a group of 5-6 SLs (between 12-20 y/o) came out from the building area and were walking past the line, when they noticed some of their "friends" in the middle/front of the line.  They were wearing staff shirts and badges, and it was deadly obvious that they were associated with the church in general.  I was a couple families behind them, which was the worst place to be, since I could hear everything that happened, but couldn't interfere or step in.  D:

The entire group of them cut into the middle of the line, and it was super obvious and outraging at the same time.  The main person kind of gave shifty glances and mushed in.  Not only that, but a TON of people noticed, and the SLs were laughing and joking about it because "everyone is doing it."  Not only were they cutting the line, but they were joking about it and calling friends over. I already was aware that they weren't the best people in the world, but it still deeply bothered me.  Even worse, they cut right in front of a new family who was visiting.  Acckkkkkkkkk.  (One of the children was in my class, and I talked to him a bit in the service.)
 Nothing super big.  Ok these people are jerks but that's fine as long as the people behind them don't mind too much.
Then, to top it off, when they were ordering, the new family behind them asked one of the leaders (with a badge and shirt) why she cut the line, and her response was "Well, I serve in kids ministry and I need to get to the service."




Rant time:
Don't you know you are the scum of society??
How can someone do that at church?? Especially as a student leader?  Is there no responsibility involved with the position?  What about being a role model or setting a good example?
Who are they serving? Are they really helping other people or are they in it for themselves? 

 When the person asked them why, they could have at least just admitted "I'm a terrible person doesn't care about anyone and just wants to eat."  The position as a leader is the worst and lamest excuse possible.  They were representatives of our ministry to parents and kids and all the people in the general area!!!!! Gahhhh!

 Line cutters are the worst.  :P  Using the excuse that "everyone else is doing it" is even worse, especially when you are a leader.  The family didn't have an overly visible reaction, but the memory of it still makes me cringe. It was a poor reflection on the values of a church and especially a leader.  Way to give everyone a bad name.  People who cut lines are people who will take advantage of others and have little regard for rules or personal conduct.  These are the type of people you don't want to be near in an emergency.


Yeah.  Ok I got some of it out now.  :P

But in James it says not to judge other people.  That's tough. Really tough. So I guess I'll let it      out. No.  I will not reference it.  XD

That was probably the worst experience in my entire SL career. Even worse than getting kicked and puked on and getting stuff thrown at me.  :P


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