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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Insanity resolved!! :D

Hello readers!! Today I must say I am in an exceptionally good mood. :-)

First, I am officially a Life Scout now!! :D

If you read the last post, there were quite a few issues that arose and released chaos to roam freely about.  Anyways, this week, my voice was back, but so were the weblos. :\

I planned this meeting knowing that there would be a ton of chaotic scouts.  As Camporee (Where troops gather and compete) is coming up, I planned the meeting to work on First Aid skills.  There are quite a few useful/fun activities involved with First Aid.  We work on :
Ankle bandages, head bandages, Chair Carries, four-handed seat carries, and Stretcher shirt carries.  Argh for some reason I can't paste pics, but you can look them up. :-)

I had planned the meeting to run pretty smoothly, and I remembered a really good trick from another SPL.  When you're dealing with krazy kids,  ask them their name.  Individually or as a group.  Great tactic.  It's really good for sorting out which scouts are good and which ones are bad, and it shows that you care and know them. The new scouts are quieting down from the crazyness though. :-) At the meeting, we also played tug of war (really fun. The DOC has a ton of big guys) and set up laterns and worked on activities and stuff.  :)  We set up stations for each activity, then each Patrol would go around and do one. 

The door handle:  Ah! That's right! Remember locodude?  Broke the lock? well, everything proceeded to go better than expected.  He told his parents about it on the way home.  That really simplifies it because I hate confronting unaware parents.  (Little Dude)  Anyways, he wrote an apology letter (wow) and promised not to break anything else. :P.  It's all cool now though.  That'll be one to remember. 

About individual scouts:  These are interesting to review because they provide good lessons about.. .. .. things in general.

Little Dude!.  Well, let me go back in time a bit, we were having a holiday party, and after we left, my dad suddenly flipped out and started yelling at me about what I did.  And it sucked, because I had no idea what was happening.  It turns out that Little Dude had accused me of shoving him into someone holding hot chocolate. DD:<  WAHT .  According to his story: "He was walking around and then I pushed him and he fell into someone carrying hot chocolate spilling on him and burning him.  After that, he went crying to mommy his dad and then he got mad and started telling everyone about it."  -.-  After a fair amount of chaos and arguments, I made some 9:30pm phone calls and pieced together what happened.  Oh yea, the person little dude ran into was a cool guy and a friend of mine, so I trusted his response.  I called him  and "Little Dude ran into me and spilled my hot chocolate, and then told me I(Jro) pushed him(littledude) into you.(him) .  Catch that? I thought he was crying?  If he was crying, how could he tell the person I pushed him? ? Anyways, it turns out Little dude had been running around and ran into someone and then blamed it on me.  No apology, but no more trouble.  Also they never responded to my dad's follow up email..   :(  Hmmph.  Caused quite a bit of chaos.  Moving back to now, Little Dude has been back to running around causing trouble and bothering working scouts, and so I put a scout in charge of watching him. It turns out Little Dude is really good at fake crying.  His parents fall for it every time and it's actually pretty funny.  That's the most annoying thing about parents now days. No matter how stupid their kids are, if they cry, they're victims and they get anything they want.  :P  Good luck with that. Its that way with one of my SECOND cousins.  I just can't wait to see what they're like when they grow up.  :D It'll be so funny.

This one scout is trying to get a troop position. You see, to get a troop position, you need to email the SPL (me) to request a position.  He's not a very good scout, honestly, I haven't seen him work that much,and he doesn't like to wear a uniform.  He swears and is really rude.  His first words to me was. "your mom ate it."  .  Anyways, he's matured a bit, and so I decided to give him a shot at the job.  I told him to email me and he said "Hey louk im not good with eamil so ill gif you my cell phone tho you can call me" .  What?? I need to call YOU so you can get a job?? L.  O  L.    For the last few days, he's been giving me lame excuses such as "i furgot my paswurd"  and "wy didn't you ged it"  "did you get my email"  He keeps insisting he sent an email and so finally I was like "Hey _____, stop lying to me.  You aren't sending me emails and you aren't getting a position. "  with authority  Then he pretended he was sending them to the wrong address. -.- 

However, this other guy approached me, and asked for the same position, AND he said he'll email me.  So it's a race for the position. :-)

Alright.  Gotta go now.  Enjoying the job of Senior Patrol Leader.  :-) Thanks for reading!

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