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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Scouts: Aviation MB'm taking it. duhr. :P  The Aviation Merit Badge One of the requirements to build a model plane.  We had one of those non-activities.  Kind of like watch Finding Nemo for Oceanography.  However, this was way cooler.  We cut planes out of styrofoam plates. Something like this.<-

We were going to race them at the end of the meeting. I taped the front of the wings to make it go faster.  There was this really annoying kid with long hair who kept throwing other people's planes.
BTW We don't usually do this light stuff. :D I usually don't like these things because they have no learning potential and they just fill a requirement(barely). Usually we work on projects, merit badges, and skills.  BTW If you think you can just come out here and do it, good luck to ya.  :P That has nothing to do with this I just put it there for fun. Last week we watched a [boring] 10 minute video about flight.

Oh! I started my job as Scribe today. I used GNUemacs to take notes and send out a PDF of them.  Ok.  Back to races.  We stood on the church's 1 foot high stage, and took turns hucking our planes.  Unfortunately, my plane glanced someone's shoulder during 'takeoff' and it crashed.  I went to retrieve my plane, but it was gone!  The two winners were Evan and Bryson Bison. (That's his nickname) Turns out, he found my plane and used it to win. -.-  He returned it to me, but kept the Milky Way he won.  (Of course.)  The dude who was giving out prizes gave me another Milky Way cuz he saw Bryson's first plane. :D
That's all for now.

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