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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blocktober: Fun stuff


Blocktober is a HUGE Halloween carnival that my church has.  The church has over 20 different multi-level buildings. :D  Over 500 people were there.  Anyways, Atina and I go to the same church,  and I had decided to bring a h20 uzi. :D So anyways, after about half an hour of Trick-o-treating, Atina spotted me.  Anyways, I pulled an uzi on her.  Just a joke kinda thing, and I was all hehehe....  Anyways, she told me she had a NERF blaster in her car, and implied she was gonna use it on me.  Anyways, I like saying anyways. :D

So then I filled up my water gun and started sweeping the huge campus for Atina and Sar. (Sar is another dude who was following Atina around)  Anyways, I spotted them and skillfully maneuvered up behind them.  I was half expecting them to turn, and see me, as the last two encounters had been on her terms.  So,  I climbed out from behind the planter, and slowly walked up behind her.  CLoser,  Closer... NOW BLAM BRKAAMM BLAMM!!!!! :DDDD I put 5 neutrino charges into her back.  Unfortunately I had overlooked that fact that her armor was made of duct tape,  and my shots were as effective as trying to kill a bear with a feather.   :D  However,  SHE DIDN"T NOTICE.  I was like "Oh crap" when I noticed, and I quickly ran off.  I walked up again and continued putting rounds into her duct-tape armor.  Then, on my third hit,  her dad went  "uh-oh" as I squeezed of my 3rd shot.  Remember, I had no intention of getting anybody soaked.  1 shot maybe,  but I was looking for a good laugh.  2 shots landed on her un-taped arm and I was like "Wasup. :)"

I heard her armor was supposed to be Mandalorian.   Blocktober was uber fun.  Candy. Games.  All the good stuff.  Next year, I'm thinking of planning a event- wide assasination game for Wubz, Amaranthine, Atina,  and her pals.  Maybe Cov.  I will totally post that next-ish year. :)


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  1. I CAN"T BELIVE YOU! YOU GOT MY SHIRT ALL WET!!!!!!! cov.,.... eh... maybe... maybe not.... def Jaster Mereel.... :P It was such a fun day! JRO! UR GETTING THAT NEXT year... okay.. so he pointed his water gun at me.... i raised my hands... i know.. like a totally IDIOT! talk about it... anyway... sooooo fun that day! Jro.... must get together soon... maybe we could get together and have an EPIC water gun/nerf gun fight... and i DID have my nerf hand pistol in the car... :P