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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How to duel wield nerf mavericks

By using two bandolier straps, you can dual wield mavericks easily and effectively.  

 I wrote an email to jerm at nerf mods and review about this. The video attached is not mine. I sent him the idea and he made a video. You will like it i think.  It's helpful.   read more button 

 This is the email to jermaine.

Hey dude,

I just got an idea.  By cliping the bandolier straps from the deploy onto the back of a maverick, you can double wield mavericks with no problem. 

Clipping one end in the hole on the back of the mav, then the other end onto the other other end,
Then you strap the loop around your shoulders  and repeat with another, then you can go rambo!!!
Just push your maverick away to cock it, then just pull it back and FIRE!

You might like to post something like that...


-Reader of you blog. 
P.s I read your blog everyday and it's awesome. :)


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