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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Speed Reading Class.

So, last week or so, my mom was getting annoyed at someone for reading rather slowly.  (I read fast but miss a bit)
P>S this is a rant so if you want to read happy stuff, then leave. :-P :-)

(This is a public class)

Anyways, this person never goes anywhere alone, and Mom thought that it would be good for me to improve my comprehension, so I went too.

She decided to send us to a Speed Reading Class.  Her general idea was that the class was for A-B students who read a lot and want to read faster.

I had the feeling it would be for .. for...... people who don't read. much.

It was kind of a mix.  A few people went to improve their reading, but most of them were forced there by their moms. :P  Wubz and I sat next to this dark-brown curly haired guy with a baseball cap.  Now, before I go farther, these people aren't mean or stupid or anything,  They're just not very.... word-ful.  This one cool guy said he only reads 1 book a month.  His teacher forces him to.  What's he reading???  The dictionaRY????  Yeah I just finished the first two Alex Riders yesterday.

He hasn't even read or seen Harry Potter.  Or Artemis Fowl.  Or Ender's Game.  Or Percy Jackson. Blehhh.

Anyways, the class:  The teacher was this Middle Eastern guy and another American guy who looks like a math teacher.

We got these two small packets"&end",  ($60???) and we sat on a table with the other guy. The teacher was like " You don't read much and you're a slow reader. you only read like one book a  month for shhcool and stuff. Your vocabulary is small and you don't know many words and stuff.  So we're going to help you with reading."   We learned some "new" words such as coherent, deport, and companion, decompose, and delinquent.  (this class is for "delinquent") JK.
Even worse, that guy was right about a couple students.  I was like "Anyone read books here?"

THis one guy said he read AF, and I asked him where he was, and he said '"I dawnt know.  My mam buyz all my bookz." 

We used our finger to outline where we were reading and stuff. Then we went on a break.

"Hey guys. good job. so like. we dont break in here. we like break outside. so....go."

We hung around outside and slowly floated to a nearby playground.  After we came back, we found that we had books on our table.  Wubz got Dance with Wolves.

I got.  Are you ready for this? ** (btw the two stars mean CTRL A)

Bummer Summer.



You can't be serious I read that right? yea I read that right. NOoOOo Y U NO.Bummr Summr.  It's about a whiny girl going to summer camp. total cliche. Bummr Lame classes.  I have no idea what they were thinking. We did this legit seeming 3-2-1 exercise. We read as far as we could for 3 minutes, the we tried to reach that part in two minutes, then in 1 minute.  I looked for the most exciting part of the book.  I read this part where they were making pancakes. Honestly,  a two-y/o could have wrote it. Basic Summary**

(it's in first person)so theres this girl whos moving and her brother is named muffin or something.  she goes to camp and makes lot s of fwends and stuffz.  they all be mean to this one girl. the girl ruinz her blankit.  they try to get back by ppulling this midnitgh panrk about thiz camp ghost or something.  then the person decides to be friends with the girl who ruind her blankit. basically the end.
gud bok pls

Arrrhg dude I read that "book" for almost an hour.  And also there was this non coherent "thats one of the words we 'learned'"  test/paper question that was marked wrong for no reason.  Your class is bad and you should feel bad. Jk
The step by step processing and goal setting was actually pretty good. Although there was a lot of page-turning and it was really (unorganized) out of order. (Aside from the fact that 15 minutes of math and marking is null)
internet memes - Terrible Teacher's Multiple Choice

hmmph.  Three more classes  left. :-)


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